The faithful dog never lost hope and waited for his family on the same road for four years and for good reason

They say nothing beats the loyalty of dogs to their owners. Confirmation of this is the story of a dog named Bon-Bon from Thailand, who is called the new Hachiko.

A local resident, walking along the side of the road, saw a lone figure of a small shaggy dog ​​on the road. The dog was sitting in one place, refusing to leave it. It was obvious that the animal was in trouble. The dog was emaciated and looked unhealthy.

With great difficulty, the woman managed to pick up the sufferer from the street. Because the dog did not want to leave the road. After a long course of treatment, the dog went on the mend. The dog’s fur stopped falling out and shone. The animal gained weight.

Despite these positive changes, the dog did not want to stay in the house of his savior. Again and again he returned to the place on the road where he had lost his owner, without losing hope of reuniting with his beloved family. The woman who found the dog realized that the dog was so devoted to his lost owner that he would never leave the road, and gave up trying to take the animal home.

The woman began to regularly bring food to the dog and look after his health. She was helped by local residents, one of whom posted a touching story with a photo of the dog on his Facebook page. Soon the incredible happened. The publication about a dog waiting on the side of its owner for many years was seen by the former owners of Bon-Bon (this was the name of the dog before).

They recognized their lost pet and hastened to contact his rescuers. It turned out that the dog jumped out of the car during a trip and got lost. The owners searched for him for a long time and to no avail, and then lost hope. And now, after four long years, the family was reunited! Bon-Bon recognized his long-lost friends, and soon went home. His wait for several years ended in the happiest way.

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