Toddler wants a haircut, does it herself, and then has a little chat with dad

There are good reasons they make safety scissors for children. Kids are naturally curious and will experiment with all sorts of things – after all, you aren’t born knowing everything and have to find out one way or another. Not all of these experiments go so well, but that’s part of figuring out how the world works. In this instance, a little girl learned that cutting hair is a job best left to a professional!

A thoroughly charming three year-old girl named Ashleigh decided to give herself a haircut. It’s looks like she got at just about everywhere she could reach. The result is that from the front it looks like a good haircut… for a businessman! But in the back, there’s something resembling a mullet. Perhaps this look she’s invented will become the latest in “business casual.” Or not.

In the video posted below, Ashleigh and her dad have a little discussion about her misadventure in hair cutting. She says she did it because Miss Jessica cuts hair. It’s not a surprising explanation: in fact, it’s quite common for small children to try and imitate things they see adults doing. When dad points out that Jessica went to school to learn how it’s done, Ashleigh adds, “I want to know how to do weaving too.” After admitting she shouldn’t cut hair when she doesn’t know how, she comes up with an excuse: “I was just practicing today.” The father-daughter conference continues for a little bit and ends with an absolutely hilarious request from the would-be coiffeuse.

Were you charmed or amused by this video, or a bit of both? Ever had to deal with the aftermath of a child’s self-inflicted haircut? Tell us all about it in the comments at Facebook. Be sure to like and share, too: you probably have plenty of friends who can relate!

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