What to Say in Your First YouTube Video?

It’s time to stop overthinking what you’re gonna say in your very first YouTube video, or what you’re gonna say in your next YouTube video.

I’m gonna be walking through exactly what you should and should not say in your first or next YouTube video and I’m gonna give you the go-to script that I use for every single one of my YouTube videos and I give to all of my clients and students.

You ready? (light music) Hi and welcome back, my name is Trena if you’re new here and on this channel, I help you find the confidence to show up on YouTube.

And one of the quickest ways to have confidence to show up on YouTube is to know exactly what you’re going to say in your video. So let’s walk though first what you shouldn’t say in your very first video or that next video if you’re struggling.

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So if you are just getting started and you’re struggling with what should your first video be, I don’t want you to think about a strategy right now. I know a lot of my content here on YouTube and a lot of what I teach to my students is all about YouTube strategy.

But when you’re first starting a channel, I need you to just start creating videos. We need to not focus on the strategy right here but focus on getting comfortable on camera, getting comfortable on setting up your equipment, on filming, on editing and working through a process that works for you. By just getting content up, you’re learning, you’re making mistakes, and you’re learning from them which is what you want to do.

So, I don’t want you focusing on I need to find the perfect five videos for a playlist or I need to find the perfect tags. I want you to focus on just creating content you know your audience wants. So the first thing is, don’t focus on coming up with some master strategy for YouTube, just create a video.

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The second thing you should not do is get too fancy. Well there’s a lot of moving pieces when you’re getting started on YouTube, and when you’re trying something new it can be super-overwhelming.

So I want this process to be as easy as possible for you. So your first video doesn’t need to be something epic like a day in my life or a vlog. I want you to just give value. What is something that as soon as somebody watches your video, they can implement or do or they have a win after your video. I don’t need you to get super fancy B roll, I don’t need you to get super fancy texts right now or animations, I just want you to focus on quality of content in that first video.

So we do not need to be getting super fancy here. You also need to get out of your head. Look, you can analyze and analyze and analyze over what should be your first video, what you should say in that first video, how you should say it, how you should look, what your background should look like.

But, just like the little signs says that I have in the background, perfect isn’t done. And the only way you’re going to get better on YouTube and get a lot of data to help you structure your videos better, is just by putting videos on YouTube.

So we just gotta rip that Band-Aid off and jut create that video. If you’ve been thinking about a video you wanna do for YouTube for more than two hours, stop thinking about it and just do it, just shoot it. Because like I said, once you get that video up on YouTube, you’re going to be given so much data to help you make your next video better. And the more videos you can get on YouTube, the more data you’re gonna get back to make even better videos.

So you’re actually going to get better to that perfect video in your mind if you just put some videos up on YouTube to help you craft that perfect video. Does that make sense? So that kind of pulls in to the next thing that you shouldn’t do, and you should not worry about perfection.

Look, when I got started, I started in front of a purple wall and from there we moved and all I had was this ugly yellow wall and you know what, my channel still grew. So don’t worry about what you’re background looks like. Don’t worry about not having a perfect HD or 4K camera.

Again, it’s going to go back to focusing on the content that you’re sharing and making sure you’re giving that viewer value. What is that win, what are they going to be able to accomplish after they watch your video? All, the other stuff isn’t necessarily right now. This last thing that you shouldn’t do is don’t worry about your channel trailer or don’t really do an about-me video as your first video.

I know I’ve said this before, but as I worked with more and more clients, I’m realizing that while that’s a topic you’re probably best on, it’s not necessarily the best content to get good feedback on. So a channel trailer is what you see on my channel homepage that gives anybody that comes to my channel a quick overview of what my channel is about and my value proposition of my channel.

You may still be working on this and you don’t have to have it in place when you get started on YouTube. Mine has evolved and changed and been recreated multiple times my four years on YouTube. So don’t worry about creating a channel trailer before you even get started on YouTube.

Again, I’m gonna tell you what I’ve been repeating to you, focus on coming up with some videos that are really gonna give a lot of value. That’s where you’re going to see the difference on YouTube.

All right, let’s move on to the things you should do in your very first video and remember, I’m gonna give you my script template here in just one minute. So the first thing that you should do is I think I’ve nailed this one pretty hard, focus on value. We’re not getting fancy, we’re not worrying about the background, you’re just focusing on highly valuable video.

The second thing that you should do is focus on something you’re passionate about. Something that you know you’re good at. When you’re on video, it’s kind of like the camera can suck out energy from you. So you wanna make sure you’re talking on a topic what you love and you’re passionate about because it’s gonna show through the camera.

I’m gonna tell you right now, it is not easy speaking to this camera lens right here. But knowing that you are on the other side of this video, listening to me, and knowing that I’m giving you some of the passion that I have for YouTube, is what gives me the energy to not look so dull and boring here in this video. So really think about what are you super passionate about and what are you good at. 

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