How To Talk in Youtube Video?

This is gonna be so much easier to compel that on video than just picking something that you think is gonna rank in search.

Another thing you should do is just focus on creating like a five-minute video. Your videos do not have to be these long 20-minute tutorials. When I got started on YouTube, I did two-minute tips.

I just focused on what is a win I could give somebody in two minutes, and that’s where I started. You don’t need to worry about going detailed into every single step that you wanna talk about, just talk about one little portion of that.

Again, what is one quick win somebody can get after watching your video. So I want you to maybe just focus on creating a five-minute video. A little pro tip here, I don’t even think about how long my video is going to be when I’m recording them.

I have my script written down, which like I said, it’s coming to you here in a second, I have my script written down and I know what I wanna share and I know it’s full of value so I’m not clocking it to see how long this video is.

I’m just making it as long as it needs to be to get across the value I want to share with you. Another thing that you should do is have a plan. This is where we’re gonna go into that script because by having a script and knowing the game plan of your video, not only are you gonna save time recording your videos, you’re gonna save time editing them and you’re going to know you stayed on track so that people are going to watch longer.

Now, before I do this script template with you, I want you to understand, it’s going to work differently for every single person. But this formula, works, for everybody. So the one thing that I do is I really focus on scripting word-for-word my hook, then in my content, I just bullet point it. Because if I write word-for-word what I’m going to say in video, I get too wrapped up and stressed out on making sure I say everything just right.

And I can’t really free flow with you and show you my personality like I do now. And then I focus on really crafting that outro. So here’s what your script should look like. First, is your hook. This is the first five to 15 seconds of your video and this is critical to get people to keep watching.

So in that hook, you have to really let that viewer know what you’re gonna help them solve, what is their pain point. So for example, in this video, I know that you’re probably struggling with what your first YouTube video should be.

So I really hit home at the beginning of this video, that I’m gonna help you solve that. And by the end of this video, I’m gonna tell you how to have a plan in place, right. So think about how can you grab your audience’s attention so that they wanna watch the whole way through to see what you have to share. So first is your hook, then you’re gonna move into that introduction and for me, it’s the same thing every single week. It’s, hi, welcome back, my name is Trena.

If you’re new here and on this channel I hope you find the confidence to do YouTube. So helping you to find the confidence to do YouTube is kind of the overall value proposition you’re going to get from my channel. So I want this to be super quick for you. Remember, you don’t really wanna give a lot of time for them to get to the content, the meat of the video.

You want to get to it within the first 30 seconds. So let’s say your hook is 15 seconds, your intro is maybe 10 to 15 seconds, then you’re getting to that third piece which is your content.

Now the best way to deliver this content is by breaking it into steps or tips or points so that it’s easy to follow for the viewer. Remember, you really want them to have that win at the end of your video. Now this is outro piece which is the forth piece is critical. So to play nice with YouTube and to get YouTube to recommend more of your content to people, you need to avoid people leaving your video.

So instead of saying, in summary or in conclusion or finally which are signals that your video is over, so it’s signals to that view, to leave, get to that next video, you really want to avoid those types of words so that they don’t realize that video’s over, because the last 20 seconds of your video, you can add an end screen. And that is a clickable element to get somebody to another video or a playlist of yours.

See if you can get somebody to watch more content from a particular video. YouTube is going to recommend that video to more people. So, for example, I’m going to show you how I wrap up this video. If you want that PDF version of my script template, make sure you click the link that’s on your screen right now and then make sure you watch this playlist that’s on your screen because it is the threee best videos I have for you if you are just getting started on YouTube. I’ll see you over in that video.

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