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Look, I know you’re binging everything you can find on YouTube on how to grow a channel. Or maybe you have a channel and you’ve been working at it and nothing seems to make it grow.

What if I told you there’s probably three things that you’re doing that are killing the growth of your YouTube channel? Don’t worry, I’m going to tell you what those are and how you can fix that ASAP. (upbeat music) Hey, welcome back. My name is Trena if you are new, and on this channel I help you find the confidence to do YouTube.

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And to have confidence on YouTube is to know what you’re doing is actually going to work, right? So one of the biggest things that I see from my clients and students is really focusing on keywords and tags. I know you’ve seen the videos out there, how to rank in YouTube search, how to find the perfect tags, how to research the tags, but I wanna let you in on a little secret here.

While, yes, researching your videos and trying to find a good topic to create a video on is important, spending all your time researching a tag or keyword phrase that has low competition, high search is not the best use of your time because, look, YouTube search is different for every single person. Even though you may find a tag that says good in low competition, high search, it doesn’t mean it’s going to rank in search.

For example, one day I was doing research for a client of mine who is an artist, so I was searching a lot of art tutorials and tips and really focusing on her strategy. The next day when I came back to my computer and started searching for my channel and what topics people were looking for, the second video in the search term YouTube tips was a video on mural painting tips.

Had nothing to do with YouTube advice, YouTube tips, but since YouTube takes into account my previous watch and search history, they are going to recommend to me videos they think I wanna see. They think, as in YouTube, thinks it knows me better, so it’s gonna serve up videos it thinks that I wanna see.

So what that means is what I see on search for one particular keyword may be completely different from what you see in search and may be completely different from the next person.

Картинки по запросу "blogging""

And if you go into Google incognito window, which doesn’t take into account your previous search and watch history, that result is gonna be different as well. So when you’re spending all your time focusing on this perfect keyword or tag, it doesn’t really matter in the end because when you upload that video, YouTube already knows what that video is about by the words that you are saying.

In addition to search results being different for every individual, the traffic you get from videos from search end up being a little bit less valuable to you ’cause generally when somebody finds you in search compared to suggested, you’re gonna get 1/2 the amount of watch time. So what I mean by that is let’s say your video is five minutes.

Somebody who finds you in search may watch your video maybe a minute and 1/2, whereas somebody who finds you in suggested is more likely to watch your video for three or four minutes.

You’re going to get more valuable viewers from suggested and browse features than you are in search anyways. Now, remember, as soon as we go through these three things, I’m gonna tell you how you can fix them. So I wanna move on to the second thing you’re probably doing wrong, and it’s not planning your videos. I know you’re busy. I am too. I have two children. (clock ticking) I have clients, I have students. And there’s a lot on our plates.

Картинки по запросу "blogging""

But you really need to think through your video and research it before you even turn your camera on. So when I’m talking about planning your video, some of the steps I want you to talk through when you are planning your video is research. So go into a Google incognito window. Remember, we don’t wanna take our past search history with us. And see what videos are showing up in search. What videos have more views than the channel has subscribers?

How is that video creator opening that video? What are they saying? Now, I don’t want you to do this to copy what they are saying. I just want you to see if you can figure out why this video resonates with viewers so that they have more views than the channel has subscribers. I also want you to kinda script out your video. And I know whether you’re a vlogger or maybe you’re an entertainment channel, that can be kind of hard.

But I want you to have a game plan for that video before you turn your camera on because you need to understand, that first five seconds of your video is critical to get somebody to watch. So if you do anything at all, at least just try to figure out how you’re going to open that video to get people to watch it.

And then a little bonus tip, the next thing that I would really focus on is the end of your video. How are you gonna get people to watch another video? That’s how you’re gonna show up more in search and suggested is if your video causes people to watch more videos, okay.

Now, that third thing is titles and thumbnails. And these can be tricky. They are difficult for me as well. I hate coming up with titles, and I hate graphic design. That’s just not my strength. But we need to understand that those titles and those thumbnails are the key reason why people are going to click on our videos.

If our video is perfect and filmed on a professional studio and edited by a professional editor, that all doesn’t matter if we can’t get somebody to click on our video because of our thumbnail and title. 

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