The 4 WORST things you can do on YouTube

So I don’t want you to just slap on a title as an afterthought as you’re uploading that video. I want you to go back to that planning phase and really come up with that title before you start filming.

Now, it doesn’t have to be the end title that you are going to use, but at least have a general direction or a general idea what that title is gonna be because that’s gonna help you craft your content around that title. And then with thumbnails, it can be very difficult to kind of show in graphic or photo style the emotion in the video or the outcome of the video.

So when you’re coming up with your thumbnail, you need to think about your target audience. That’s why it’s so important to know who you’re creating videos for. The images that a teenage boy might click on (laughs) are quite different than what my target audience, usually women ages 25 to 40, are clicking on.

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So I want you to think about in that thumbnail, what kind of images is your audience going to respond to? And I also want you to use that title and thumbnail as complementary together. What I mean by that is I don’t want you to slap the title onto the thumbnail.

I want you to really minimize the amount of text you have on that thumbnail because they should work together. They should see the thumbnail. So the thumbnail grabs their attention with image, and then the title really convinces them to click on that video. All right, if you’ve got questions about that, let me know down in the comments. Now the most important part. How are you gonna fix this and get on the right track and start growing your channel? The first thing you need to do is research.

I know I mentioned this quite a few times. But I want you to use those tags that you’re searching as topics. We do not need to crush keywords and SEO into titles and into our videos because, like I said, YouTube already knows what we are saying. For example, some of the biggest niches right now is family vloggers, mom vloggers, and they aren’t putting any specific keywords in their titles. So what’s making them successful?

Their thumbnail and their title is causing people to click on it when they see it on YouTube, and it’s engaging throughout the entire video, meaning people are watching to the end, and they’re getting people to click on another video.

That’s why family vloggers’ videos that aren’t keyword researched  or stuffed with keywords in the title take off and get so many views. It’s because they’re really focusing on those titles and thumbnails to get clicked on.

They’re focusing on the story they’re sharing in that video. And then they’re also getting people to watch more videos. So instead of really getting stressed out and overwhelmed on tags and what tags you’re gonna use, just use that as a topic.

And then when you are adding tags to your videos for optimization, just add words and phrases that make sense to that video. So, for example, this is why your channel isn’t growing. I’m gonna use tags like grow on YouTube, how to grow on YouTube, YouTube mistakes.

I’m not really getting specific with research. I’m just using keywords and phrases that make sense to this video. The second thing you’re gonna do is you’re gonna set up a schedule. Look, I know you see my schedule behind me. That really helps me stay consistent with the planning process of my video. I have my entire video planned right now in a tool called Asana, which I’m gonna talk about here in a second. I have my script in there.

I have my title in there. I have an idea of what I want the thumbnail to look like because I did the research. So by setting up a schedule to know this is a day you’re going to research your videos and this is a day you’re going to film, that’s what’s gonna help you really plan out better videos. So, for example, every first Tuesday of the month for me is a filming day. I have it blocked in my calendar.

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It’s reoccurring every single month so that I don’t schedule appointments, I don’t schedule client calls, I don’t schedule any work on that particular Tuesday, which means I need to have all my videos planned before that.

That’s where I’m a little bit flexible, but I do know that that time is coming up towards the end of the month, so I look at my calendar and see where I can really research my videos the week before I film. And I schedule about four hours to really hone in on my plan for the videos that I’m going to shoot.

Now, the third thing you’re gonna do, you heard me talk about Asana, and that is setting up a workflow. This is going to be game changing for your productivity and the quality of your videos. Trust me on this one. If you’re anything like me, you have ideas all the time pop up in your head, and then you end up losing them, (laughs) whether you write them down somewhere on that notebook or somewhere on that Post-it and the Post-it goes missing.

You really wanna keep all your ideas in a centralized location. So in Asana, I can keep all of my ideas in there so I can come back to them and then flesh them out and research them so I’m not having to go back to the drawing board to figure out what videos I wanted to do. Plus, I’m not having to recreate that wheel every single time ’cause I have a checklist with things that are already done for me every single time I film a video.

Now, if you wanna really continue learning more about how to grow your channel, I’ve pulled together three of my best videos that are gonna help you grow your YouTube channel on your screen right now. So click that playlist that’s on your screen right now. I got the best ones for you. And I’ll see you in that next video.

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