How To Make Custom Thumbnails For Videos

Remember thumbnails are super tiny as it is, so nobody is gonna notice if it’s not right up against your hair or you maybe cut off your shirt a little bit.

You can go a little slower on this process if you want, but again, tiny details aren’t necessarily gonna matter on a thumbnail because they’re not really going to see all those details. So I’m just gonna go through here. Okay, so now we have that, and you can start to move this around, you might wanna erase the rest of this stuff, too, but, if you’re just using this particular photo, you won’t have to worry about what you didn’t erase.

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Again, you can enlarge it a bit if you want. Then let’s say you wanna make this a solid color in the background. So you’re gonna wanna grab a shape. So come over here to graphics, and come to basic, just grab a square, and I’m gonna change it to my brand color. So my brand color, I know the hex code. All right, pop in that hex code and let’s just make this the whole length of this particular square.

Now since this is on top, what I’m gonna do, like I said here with layers, is I’m gonna take this photo layer, move it to the top above the square, and there I am. Now the next thing you wanna do is add some text. So you could add a shape behind your text if you want, so let’s just say we’re gonna add some white here.

All right, ’cause I’m gonna add my text inside of here to make sure it stands out. All right, and then you can also right click this and copy and paste it so that you have two of the exact same things if your text is gonna be a little bit longer.

Now I’m gonna go into text. Now remember, when you are doing your thumbnails, you really wanna make sure you’re consistent, so all the coloring that you have should be consistent across all of your thumbnails and your text should be consistent, too.

You also wanna have minimal text on your thumbnails, you don’t wanna overdo it. So we’re gonna say this is the video about thumbnails. So I’m gonna add some text. My fonts are generally Lato, probably not saying that right.

And the other one is Monteserrif. So let’s go ahead and use Monteserrif here, gonna move this up and say thumbnails, all right, center right in there, and it’ll tell you when it’s centered, and then I wanna add another text that says, for more views.

Let’s make sure that fits. It’s a little bit bigger than the box that we created, so let’s make this just a little bit smaller so it fits. I’m gonna pop it right under this guy, and I can move this to fit where I want it to. So I’m gonna pull it out, pull this up, I wanna make this a little bit bigger, too, just so it looks aesthetically pleasing. And you can just play with this until you think it looks good. Let’s say you wanna add an emoji here.

What you’re looking for here is you wanna make sure the background is transparent so that you can use it on that thumbnail. And I’ll show you what a transparent one looks like here in a second. So see how that has that little checker box? That is transparent.

So you’re gonna right click, save image as heart emoji, and now what I can do is I can come back to PicMonkey, pull this in, and you can also tilt it, maybe add a 100% emoji in there as well.

You could also get stock photos and put it behind here. So let me show you an example of that. I have a subscription to a stock photo membership called Haute Stock. And what happens here is I get access to all these different stock photos that are already created, I just download.

So what I’m looking for is an image or imagery that I could use in the background of this video. I could also, as we saw back here, I could also use some of the icons like this right here.

If that fits with, I was talking about a vlog going to the beach or something, I could definitely use some of those icons from this particular membership site. So let’s say we’re gonna use this as a background. So we’re gonna go ahead and download it, and we’re gonna come back to PicMonkey and we’re gonna upload it here to this, and I’m gonna use that palm tree as the background here, not necessarily this pink background, and I’ll show you how.

One little cool trick also to make your text stand out is, if you don’t want this particular box, we can delete that. What I would suggest doing is going ahead and copying this. So highlight this, right click and copy, right click and paste. You can create like a shadow effect.

So what you wanna do is zoom in just a little bit to make this work, and we’ll wanna make, let’s make the one in the back, so again, you can come over here and use this to really manage all your different layers.

So I’m gonna just pop that there, it won’t make a difference. But we have the top layer clicked and we’re gonna make that white, all right. Now when you zoom out, see how it looks like that you can see a shadow? Simple as that. Now we have that stock photo that we wanna add. So we’re gonna go ahead and drop it in here.

You can go ahead and drop it in here. Now you can drop it here to edit that photo before you actually put it on your thumbnail, or just put it on the current image without any editing. All right so now we have this beautiful imagery of palm trees, and I want it to go right here, and I can go back to this solid square and delete it if I want.

But, then you gotta change this color, so maybe this is your pink now. So that pops, and you can get rid of that square, and you can just start to mess around with it. The last thing I want you to do is, I would prefer you always kind of watermark your corner here.

Reason being is when you see suggested videos on the side, patterns show up, and it’s generally this pattern, anything in a pattern right here. So what I always do is I have a hot pink corner on my thumbnails.

So you can do that by just going into graphics, go to the basic here, grab a triangle, pop it here into the corner just like that, change it to your coloring, and if you have a logo, all you need to do is upload your logo, add it into that little corner and then you have that consistent branding across the board on your thumbnails.

All right, now that you have people clicking through your videos with your awesome new thumbnails, let’s make sure people are watching your content. I’ve created a playlist on the screen right now of my best videos to help you do YouTube better. Make sure you click on that playlist and watch it to get all the best strategies that are working on YouTube right now. And I’ll see you over there on that next video.

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