How To Plan Your Day and Actually Get More Done

So this is where I start blocking my time on my Google Calendar.

And I actually already have certain things I do on certain days to help me start putting those to-do’s where they fit in my week. All of Monday is blocked out for internal business tasks for myself. So this means content creation, social media planning, shooting YouTube videos, researching YouTube videos, anything that my business needs.

If there’s any tasks on my brain dump that fall into this category, this is what I do on Mondays. Tuesdays then are all the client work that I need to do. So client work also falls into two different kinds of categories.

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So I will schedule my mornings for editing client videos and then in the afternoon, I will schedule my time for researching their video strategy, analyzing their YouTube videos to see what we need to do to fix but you see how even when I’m blocking one day for clients, I’m still blocking within that day specific tasks so my brain stays in that zone of genius.

Wednesdays are generally phone call days for me. So I will leave this day open for calls with clients, for their monthly check-ins, podcast interviews, discovery calls. Any kind of call is going to go in on a Wednesday and I just know that that’s what I’m gonna be. I’m gonna be a little bit in and out of my business.

So any kind of little task that won’t take up a lot of work like maybe paying my credit card bill or checking over my finances in between those calls are what I will put in on Wednesday. And then Thursday is client work as well.

Again, this is where, if they have editing to do, if I need to review their scripts, or I need to look at their YouTube channel, this is all for client days. Alright now that you have everything batched on certain days, so you’re going to get more done because you’re not switching from task to task, we need to reevaluate that to-do list one more time.

Look I see you loading that Monday up with a crap ton of things to do. Let’s take a look at that again. We have got to remember that there are only eight hours in a day if you’re working a full day like I do Monday through Thursday.

And yeah, you need to eat at some point. So let’s look at those tasks in every single day and let’s see if anything can be moved to that not urgent not important segment of your Time Management Matrix. Alright did that reevaluation? Now here’s your next step. I want you to pick a big three. So a client and good friend of mine, Ashlyn Carter, actually taught me this idea. I want you to pick three major things that you have to get done this week.

Alright? Pick three of the biggest things that you know you need to get done this week and write it down. She likes to write it on a Post-It. I like to write it in my simplified planner. Wherever you wanna write it, write it down. Remember, these are the three big things that if nothing else happened this week, these are the things that you need to get done.

Got ’em written down? Let me know what they are down in the comments. Your next step is going to be adding in life things. Because here’s the thing, we’ve gotta do things outside of business and building a business and entrepreneurial things.

So yes, this means scheduling time to eat lunch. I see you sitting at your desk, not eating lunch. Time to workout. Time to shower. Time to do the laundry. Any type of self care thing you need to do to feel better, you have got to put this on your calendar or you will skip it.

Trust me, I know from experience. In 2018, I did not put enough of this into my schedule and I quickly became burnt out. You have to fit this time into your schedule. You have to make it a priority.

So for me, it has to be on my Google Calendar. And this is when I put it on my Google Calendar. Alright now you got the strategic to-do list. Kind of a little bit messy on this piece of paper.

Let’s start organizing it. Because if you’re like me, I love a good checklist and seeing me get through those things all throughout the day. Now whether you use Trello, Asana, I like to write these down in my simplified planner. But I start writing out those daily tasks.

Do I need to edit this client’s video? Do I need to edit that client’s video? Do I have a phone call that I need to do? Alright, I start putting it into my simplified planner. It’s also on my Google Calendar but I like to have it on paper beside me as I work so I’m not always having to go into my Google Calendar because again, I’m switching a task, if I’m going in to look at my Google Calendar, and I’m going to lose those IQ points. I’m gonna get out of that zone of genius that I’m in.

Also writing this down is kind of like a journal exercise for me. I can see what I got done. If I ever need to refer back to when I worked on a certain client’s project, I can go back to my simplified planner and say, oh I did that on July 15th.

I also like tho use my simplified planner, the little spot at the bottom to write things down like did I exercise that day? What exercise did I do? Again just to track if I’m giving myself that space that I need to take care of myself.

And this is the biggest lesson you have to learn through doing this process. You have got to be flexible. Look, I have kids. I have clients that have emergencies. I have clients that may turn in videos late. You need to be flexible. There are Fridays that I do work because something came up, or I have a bigger project and I wanna get some things done.

And that’s okay. I just don’t make it a habit to work every single Friday. My goal is to get that to-do list done and create a strategic to-do list, so that I have everything done that I need to to enjoy Fridays off.

‘Cause again, I plan for not working on Fridays. There’s nothing on my to-do list for Fridays. So if you’re wondering then, what does the typical day look like for me? I actually filmed an entire day in my life so you can see what it looks like for me. I’m gonna put that video right here for you to watch so go click on it and see what my day looks like after I explained all my to-do list. I’ll see you over there.

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