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I have two small kids. I had to take actual time away from them. I have clients, I had to take actual time away from my clients. I had to spend a couple weeks gearing up for the conference to spend preparing my business to leave.

So catching up on extra client work to make sure it was done. And just having the entire schedule planned out, getting my kids to where they needed to be every single day, it was a lot of work. Not just the money invested but the time invested. But every single piece of investment that I put into it, again, was absolutely worth it.

The key not speakers that talked, definitely were some of the best keynote speakers that I have ever heard, from Abby Grace to Shana Skidmore. to Laura Foote to Lara Casey, and so many more. A lot of their messages were powerful in a way that makes you want to make a change.

Yes you could go to a keynote of some of these massive conferences and hear talks from let’s say, Gary Vee or some other massive social media person, but are they really gonna be able to pull at your heart strings and really make you rethink the way you think about everything? I haven’t seen it from the larger conferences that I’ve gone to.

But here at Creative At Heart, the keynote speakers were worth it because they definitely just hit you where it counted and allowed you to just really reevaluate the way you are doing business and the way you think about your business and the way you think about yourself.

Because we are usually the last person we take care of, is ourselves. And so hearing these keynote speakers and seeing their journey and the things that they did to change the way they were running their business, again, worth the investment threefold.

And the third key takeaway is getting out of your comfort zone. Look, I absolutely was considering skipping the welcome party because I knew I was walking into this room full of lots of people.

And that’s just not my jam. I’m good one-on-one, I’m good in small groups but when we get hundreds of people in a room, I don’t know where to go, who to talk to, how to start a conversation, I’m just like, I’m gonna hide in the corner, I’m gonna chill out right here.

If someone comes up to talk to me, cool, but for me, I uh, yeah, not for me. But, I had to get out of my comfort zone. I had a little pep talk with one of my fellow entrepreneurial friends and she’s like Trena, get to that welcome party.

She even sent me a couple of ice breakers to use to walk up to people. She was checking in on me while I was there, pushing me to talk to people, and it was worth it. I met some great new friends.

Again I was able to connect with the older friends that I had from the previous conference. And it allows you to see that you can grow as a person. You can get out into the world even though it’s scary as crap to walk into that conference.

Not even on the welcome party, but the next day when you walk into this room of chairs and just to pick somebody to sit beside. And that’s something that I definitely made an effort to do because even though I had friends there that we went to dinner with, I still made an effort that when I walked in that I sat beside somebody that I didn’t know.

Because I wanted to create more friendships and I wanted to create more connections instead of just staying in my little circle. It was important for me to try and meet as many people as possible. And again, that is absolutely out of my comfort zone.

But being at a conference like Creative At Heart that is small enough that it’s intimate but is able to bring in the speakers and the keynotes that it did, again, worth the investment, three, six, 10-fold really.

So, are conferences worth it? I think it depends on the conference you invest in. There are gonna be great conferences like the big ones that get a lot of information. And then there are gonna be those conferences that are gonna kinda change your life and the way you think about things. And that’s what Creative At Heart is. So when you’re deciding whether a conference is worth your investment or not, dig down deep into that conference.

Do a little bit of research and decide where you are at and what you wanna get out of that conference. Those connections and friendships and just a sense of having somebody on your side, definitely Creative At Heart is an amazing one to pick. Now if you wanna see behind the scenes at some of the stuff I was doing to prepare my business to be gone at that conference.

I actually filmed an entire day in my life where I show you how I batch my content. You can click on the video that’s on your screen right now to see exactly what a day in my life looks like when I’m preparing to leave for a conference. I’ll see you over in that video.

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