7 Quick Ways To Make Your Videos Better

Do you feel like you’re doing everything that you can think of to make your videos better?

But every time you watch your audience retention graphs, it seems like people are always leaving at the beginning of your videos? I absolutely know where you’re coming from. I have been there as well. So today, I wanna share seven things that I did to help make my videos better, so maybe they can help you make your videos better as well.

Hey, welcome back, my name is Trena, if you’re new here. And on this channel, I help you find the confidence to get on YouTube. And obviously you’re gonna have more confidence on YouTube if you know people are watching your videos. People are gonna watch your videos if they are good. So let’s talk about seven things you can start doing in that next video to make them even better than they were before. The first thing you really wanna focus on is content.

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And I know this can be kind of generic but let’s dig into this a second. I know there’s a lot of talk about how long a YouTube video should be and maybe you’re trying to hit the secret 10-minute mark of your videos. But, what YouTube actually values is people watching the full video. So if somebody starts your 10-minute video, and only watches two minutes of it, that’s only 20% of that video.

Whereas if you create a 5-minute video, and really jam pack it with good information, and they watch, let’s say three minutes of that video, that’s over 50% of that video. So when I say focus on content, I want you to focus on only putting in that video what makes sense. We don’t need to fluff it out, we don’t need to chitter chatter in that video just to make it 10 minutes.

Just focus on valuable content that that viewer is really going to wanna watch. And don’t worry about hitting a certain minute mark. In fact, I’ll let you in on a little secret. I have no game plan for how long these videos will be when I shoot them. They could be three minutes, they could be 18 minutes. But I’m not focusing on the minute length, I’m focusing on making sure everything I deliver to you in my videos is of value and that will help you in the end.

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The second thing you need to focus on is getting to the point a lot faster. And I’ve struggled with this one. I will watch my audience retention graphs and see about 30 to 40 people leave in the first 30 seconds. So what I’ve been focusing is really condensing my hook, and getting to the point a lot faster. So you’ll know that I got into the content here within the first 30 seconds of my video.

So if you’re looking at your audience retention graph and you’re seeing people really drop off at the beginning, how can you tighten it up a little bit more or how can you really grab their attention to wanna make them watch longer? The next thing you need to do is just choose something you’re passionate about. Trust me, this will make a world of difference when it comes to your videos. Because the camera can kind of suck out energy.

And if you’re talking about something that you’re just like, eh, I know how to do this, I’m gonna talk about it, and you know that you could rank on YouTube about it, it’s not gonna show through that video. Because I’m gonna tell you, it’s hard talking to this camera lens. So if you can pick something that you’re really passionate about, it’s going to show through the camera.

And then it’s going to be a lot easier to create these videos if you’re talking about something that you love. Now, let’s move on some things you can do to make your tech better. And trust me, I am no tech wizard here.

I have the simplest setup that I can have. I have a Canon G7X camera, then I have a flip-up screen, and I just hit Record. There’s no fancy setting. I just have a microphone set up here that I plug in to my laptop and I hit Record, and I just have a ring light as well. And some Softbox lighting.

So I don’t make anything super difficult here, and I don’t want you to think your tech needs to be, you know, professional level tech. With that, next thing you to focus on to make your videos better is lighting.

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Now whether that is buying your ring light, which I know can get expensive, but Black Friday’s coming up so you might find a deal on a ring light. I have a list of all of my equipment down in the description box if you wanna check it out.

But maybe getting a ring light is an option for you. I got mine for Christmas one year. Maybe it is buying just Softbox because Softbox are a little bit cheaper than ring lights. Or it’s just sitting in front of a window that’s getting natural light.

That’s it. Some of the mistakes I see people do is they will shoot their video with light behind them, and since I have a lot of light right here, it’s offsetting it, but if I didn’t have this light, it would really wash me out. So, let me turn this light off and then you can see.

See how my face got a lot darker because I turned the ring light off. And if I turn the Softbox light, it’d be even darker yet. So, what I want you to focus on is making sure you don’t have any light behind you, making sure all of your light source is in front of you. 

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