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Hello everyone and welcome to a new article. Today we are at part two of my little Fukubukuro series, my small Lucky Bag series.

And yes, you already saw my Pokemon Lucky Bag in the first part and I bought a few more and I want to show you the ones from Axes Femme’s today. Because I treated myself to two again this year. And yes, I’m honest: I’ve already unpacked them. I was even wearing some things already.

Because today is January 6th and I’m recording the video today and yes, I hope I can still get it online today. So yes, I don’t want to talk too much around it. Let’s get started. On the one hand, I treated myself to the normal Axes Femme bag and then the one of Axes Femme Poetique. Last year I was in the shop to get the bags, this year I pre-ordered them online.

I made it easy for myself and they got delivered on January 1st shortly after 10 a.m. So it was all very quick and easy. And yes, I’ll tell you a little bit about the Axes Fukubukuro. There were a total of 5 to choose from. First of all, of course, this one that I treated myself to, from the normal Axes. Then the Poetique.

Then there was an Axes bag from Axes Femme Kawaii. I seriously considered that. I was tempted for a short time, but I think it cost around 250 euros and I think there were only four pieces inside or five and one of them was an accessory. That means there were very few items of clothing in it.

I mean, Axes Femme Kawaii is expensive, but it wasn’t worth it to me. I preferred to treat myself to these two and they were, I think, cheaper than the one Axes Kawaii bag. Then there was a children’s set and then an online Fukubukuro. There was only one color variant for the online Fukubukuro.

All others had two color variations. That means you kind of knew what was in there, but not what color you will get. Because on the Axes page, there were previously a few silhouette of the clothes that are contained in the Fukubukuro and a few weeks before, it were some small views on the colors and I have already seen that, I was very happy that I hadn’t taken the online one.

I actually thought about it and then I saw that there is a strange check dress and a yellow sweater and I thought «Nah … Nooo!». Then with the normal Axis bag we also saw a dress with the sneak peek, which had an interesting pattern, but which looked very tight, where I was a little worried And yes, then about a week before release there was a little announcement on Instagram with a few pictures, what will be inside. I can show you here.

Let’s see if you can see that. So that was shown before. That will be the coat. Then this dress where I thought, «Oh, it could be a little tight». A sweater and a skirt. The color variants were displayed here immediately. This is color variant number 1. And then we have a post with color variant 2 with a dark sweater, a blue skirt and a black coat.

I was a bit in conflict because I actually liked the dark sweater, but I don’t like the blue skirt. I would have preferred pink, but in the end I wanted to be surprised what will be in there. There was also an announcement for the poetique bag beforehand and unfortunately it was a bit sobering. The dress was already shown here. It was available in pink and the blouse.

I find the color combination in the photo a bit strange. And then I saw this strap from the top of the dress and um … So, I’ve already tried on the dress. I have already seen it. I absolutely don’t like the upper part. These spaghetti straps don’t fit at all, but you’ll see that later in the video. Then there was a skirt that I really liked. Especially this pinkish one and then of course a vest.

With the vest: I never wore vests as a child. I don’t wear vests to this day and I’ll probably never wear them, because I don’t really understand the meaning of a vest, except decoration. I think I only wore a vest once. That was during an interview to make the blouse a little nicer. But I am absolutely not a vest person and you will see afterwards that I really will not wear them.

There are also two color options and yes, that’s it. And yes, and of course there was a coat. Here is the black variation from behind. And here is the white one from the front. And yes, we’ll see in the video what’s in my bags. Because I forgot to mention the prices of the Pokemon bag, I said it right away this time. This is the normal Axes bag. Here, of course, is the price without taxes, as you can see.

That is 10,000 for this bag, with taxes that is 11,000 yen, something just around 100 euros for this one bag and the poetique bag, this is this one. Where is the sign? Here. It was a little bit more expensive. It costs 12,000 without taxes, with taxes is 13,200 yen, so 125 euros. So a little bit more expensive than the other.

And yes, I hope you are curious now what is in it. I’m going to start opening and unpacking things. Of course we start with the normal Axes bag. Incidentally, I think the bags are very, very great. I think I will continue to use the red one. You can wear them really nicely.

They are really great. They are made of a kind of felt and yes, they feel really nice. I especially like the red. I love the bag alone. So let’s open it up. And I put the coat on top. I had, I have to tell you! I already bought two Axes bags last year and the coats of both bags didn’t fit me.

That’s why I assumed that also this year too I cannot wear the coats because they are just too small for me by the bust size. So for me it was clear from the start that I would only get the clothes and sweaters and skirts, but that’s enough for me, because I can resell the coats.

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