5 Quick Ways To Make Channel Videos Better

The next way to make your video better with tech is having a good microphone, or getting better sound on your video.

So, that doesn’t necessarily mean having a microphone. The audio on your camera may be good enough but there are some things you could do with your environment to make that mic on your camera sound better.

So, some things that I do that aren’t mic specific in this room, is I’m in a smaller room, so there’s not as much echo going on as if I was in like a big room with like high ceilings. I’m also in a room that doesn’t have carpet, which is a bad thing, so, what I do is, I throw blankets on the floor to capture the sound bouncing off of it.

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Otherwise, it’d be really echoey and tingy in here. So, those are some quick fixes that you can do to make your audio sound better with what you already have. And if you’re looking to upgrade, I do use a Blue Yeti microphone and I’ve got a couple budget-friendly options as well down in my description box, but that’s one thing that you can do to make your video quality a bit better is focusing on the sound.

All right, so this is from that chef Emeril, you know? I kinda used one of his catchphrases to explain this. But the next way to make your videos better is add some video bam. And what I mean by that is just adding some extra umph to you videos. Whether that’s in editing by adding jump cuts, so I’ve talked about jump cuts on quite a few videos, I’ll link one up above. Maybe it’s adding call-out text, so you’re keeping people engaged.

Maybe it’s adding B-roll as well, and I know it can seem like, wow this is adding up to a lot of stuff to add to my videos, but there are some great resources out there to help you get super easy text plug-ins, transition plug-ins, there’s also places where you can buy stock B-roll footage as well to make it a lot easier to add that video bam so that it makes it engaging the entire way through your video. One pro tip I have for your video bam is to create a B-roll library on like, an external drive or I keep mine in Google Drive.

What I mean by B-roll library is, anytime you are creating B-roll for your videos, save it in that library so you can always come back to it. Or, if you have a day where you can just grab a bunch of B-roll, like you working at your desk or you outside running, or whatever types of B-roll you may use in your videos, try to go out and shoot it all in one day, and save it in your B-roll library.

A great example of this is Ashlyn Carter of Ashlyn Writes. She actually hired a videographer, you don’t have to do this, but she hired a videographer to just get a bunch of B-roll of her at her house, working, with her family, and then when I edit her videos, I can just pull from that B-roll library.

Картинки по запросу "videoediting""

And even though I used a clip before, it doesn’t mean you can’t ever use that clip again. You can use it multiple times, because people aren’t remembering that B-roll every single time. So, having your own B-roll library really personalizes your videos, and adds that extra video bam. All right, this one is critical to making your videos better, and it’s just studying your audience retention graphs.

And I know we can tend to run out of time and just skip this step, but this is really going to help you see what your audience is resonating with, what your audience isn’t liking, and where they’re getting bored. So, I suggest going in, you know, maybe once a month, and looking at that month’s videos audience retention graphs. Take note, watch it through. Where are you seeing people drop off? Maybe there’s a word that you’re saying that people are leaving.

Maybe you’re taking too long, again, to get to the content. Maybe your content is too boring and you’re not adding enough video bam to it. But really looking at this audience retention graph is the key, the ultimate key, to making your videos better.

Now, if you’re still stuck on what you should and shouldn’t be saying in your videos, make sure you click that video that is on your screen right now, because I’m gonna walk you through that entire list, and also give you the exact script template that I use for every single video to make sure I’m sticking to my video plan. Click on that video and I’ll see you over there.

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