Artists paint portraits of stray dogs and the pictures make them positively irresistible, so they find forever homes

To help stray dogs find a loving family, artists paint their portraits.

Finished works of art are hanged in supermarkets and other crowded places. In the US, friends Natahnee Miller and Karen Spidle attended an event called “Draw Your Pet.” During the event, participants could independently create portraits of pets or dogs and cats from shelters.

It was there that Natahnee saw a 5-month-old dog named Napster. He charmed the woman with his calmness and modesty. Natahnee painted a portrait of him and left her work at the shelter, hoping it would help him find a home. However, after a couple of weeks, the dog died of the disease.

Natahnee and Karen then teamed up to create a non-profit organization – Cheddar Paws Dog Art. The goal is to bring artists, business owners, animal rights activists and casual animal lovers together to find a home for the dogs. For this they use art.

Pennsylvania portrait painters create paintings of animals that Karen and Natahnee hang in supermarkets and other crowded places. Thanks to this, 138 dogs have found a new family. “Today, our artists have painted 197 dogs, 138 of which have already found their families,” confirmed Karen Spidle.

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