1-pound Chihuahua puppy, picked up and dropped mid-air by a hawk, survives and lands at rescuer’s feet

We know that the hawk is a bird of prey, which, upon noticing the bait, will immediately pounce on it. However, there are animals that begin to fight back, thus, risk falling into the claws of a predator. And then he flies away with his prey in the limbs.

One day a woman went out for a walk and the usual walk turned into an unusual event. A very tiny animal fell right at her feet, and looking closer, she saw a dog. And one of the passers-by drew attention to the retreating figure of a hawk, and then people understood what had happened.

People could not leave the dog in a helpless state, and he was immediately taken to the vet. In the veterinary clinic, specialists provided the puppy with the first necessary aid. At first, the veterinarian prepared for the worst, he expected serious injuries and many wounds. Because this is what happens most often after a hawk attack.

However, this dog turned out to be very lucky, almost no damage was noticeable on it. However, the employees still could not believe that the baby weighing 1 pound, who could easily sit in the palm of a hand, did not even have fractures.

So he was checked again. But this Chihuahua, obviously, was a born survivor, and it only cost a few scratches. So, the main thing in this life is to be not big and strong, but lucky.

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