Zola the Labrador retriever gave birth to 10 puppies, a very rare litter of black, yellow, and chocolate Lab pups

Dogs of the Labrador Retriever breed come in yellow, chocolate and black.

However, cases when a female gives birth to puppies of all colors at once are very rare. A 4-year-old female named Zola gave birth to 10 puppies. Mom herself has a black fur. There are 3 standard colors of Labradors: pale yellow, chocolate, black. Despite popular belief, Labradors can give birth to puppies of different colors than their parents’ furs.

That is, yellow, black, and chocolate babies can be born from a yellow mom and a yellow dad. However, the birth of puppies of all 3 colors at once is a rarity. Dog owners are professionally engaged in breeding Labradors. They dreamed of getting a dog with genes that would allow it to give birth to puppies of all 3 colors.

The female Zola became such a dog. The daddy of the babies also had genes in all three colors. It took about 10 years of crossbreeding to breed a multicolored offspring. A total of 10 puppies were born: 2 yellow, 3 chocolate and 5 black. But Zola will no longer have children – in order to give birth to this offspring, she needed a cesarean section. However, the owners still managed what they wanted: at least half of the puppies will carry the same genes.

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