The boy was playing on a tablet in a hardware store when the seller realized what he was doing, filmed him

Modern schoolchildren in the developed countries of the world are used to the fact that their education is inextricably linked with the computer. They take it for granted. But there are places where schoolchildren have a very difficult time. In one of the Brazilian municipal schools, an ordinary ten-year-old boy, Guilherme Santiago, studies in the fifth grade.

The family lives in a low-income area where there are not enough communication facilities. And the boy himself is the youngest of four children in the family. He became known on the Internet thanks to a video posted on a social network by one of the managers of a large Rif shopping center. A man works in a Samsung store. Employees began to notice a boy in their department, often coming to the phones.

He turned them on and «hung» nearby. I switched the «buttons», looked at the screen, from time to time I wrote something on a piece of paper. The sellers were in suspense, because the kid was small and nimble. His clothes were not particularly new. The same was a modest backpack. The store’s employees were very afraid that if he stole an expensive smartphone, they would have to pay for it out of their own pocket.

Then they decided that the impudent boy comes to play games. Tired of being afraid, in one of the shifts the manager crept closer to the kid and, carefully cutting off his way to the exit, asked why he came to their salon? And what does he do with the phone? The kid was obviously scared, but replied that he was doing his homework here. The store employee was surprised.

Then Guilherme told me more. There are as many as 278 students in their school, who have only 12 tablets. But the main thing is that the Internet is regulated by the school board, and it gives it very limited, because it is quite expensive. His parents don’t have enough money to pay for the installation of equipment.

Therefore, to do a task that requires the Internet, he comes to the store and uses one of the phones to access the Network. Today he needs to do a geography assignment, which will take about ten minutes. The manager, shocked by the child’s craving for knowledge, allowed him to use a tablet on which it is much more convenient to work. The boy gladly agreed.

The employee posted the video on the Internet with comments that although the family could not afford to buy a computer and bring it online, the child found an opportunity to learn and gain new knowledge. In the responses, many Brazilians wrote that the Internet in the country is really expensive.

And low-income families cannot afford to buy a computer or tablet, because the minimum wage is 1,000 reais, and the cost of even a low-power computer is 600 reais. When the video gained more than 7.5 million views on the social network, Samsung paid attention to it. Speaking on behalf of the company, Nagem group service manager and responsible for purchases, Gustavo Duque, said that the company gives 2 tablets with full service to the Santiago family.

Also, the devices will be insured against unexpected breakage. The manufacturing company decided that the pursuit of knowledge, perseverance and ingenuity should be rewarded. Considering that there is not one child in the family, the company presents two products. The parents knew that Guilherme sometimes did his homework at the mall, but they did not expect such fame.

Moreover, for a gift from the manufacturer. They are sure that such a generous gesture will encourage their son to study even more persistently. No matter what conditions you are in, always make your way to knowledge and your dreams! Fate necessarily rewards the hardworking, persistent and brave.

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