She can’t believe what she sees when the doctor showed her the baby…

For any couple, the moment that will bring their child is very exciting. The family should increase, happiness will fill the house when little feet stamp on it. But for some couples, the birth of both a girl and a boy becomes a real dream, because this is the only way they see a full-fledged family. The story I’m going to tell you about today has gone viral and spread all over the world. Dara Crouch and her husband Eric live in Columbus, Georgia.

The couple were happy to learn about the woman’s pregnancy. Everything was going fine and very soon at the medical examination they were told that they were going to have a girl, which did not surprise Daru at all. When the day of childbirth came, Dara had a healthy baby girl, who was named Neyland. My parents were very happy, but next time they decided to do it a little differently.

3 years later, the woman became pregnant again, but this time the couple did not want to know the sex of the child before his birth. Dara has been working as a nurse in the maternity ward of the hospital for the last seven years. She has witnessed many times the joy of parents who found out the sex of their child only on the day of birth. And she also wanted to remain in the dark to experience these emotions.

«The last boy who was born in my family was born 50 years ago,» Dara told ABC News. With the hope of having a boy, the couple bought only unisex clothes. They really wanted to destroy the established tradition and so get a full-fledged family. But Dara had a premonition that a girl would be born and was 100 percent sure of it, only her husband Eric believed that it would be a healthy boy. The much-anticipated day has come, Dara’s birth has begun.

After several hours of hard effort, she was able to give birth. When the doctor picked up the newborn baby, she smiled and showed it to her parents. It was a boy! Dara was incredibly amazed. «I really thought it would be a girl. We already had one daughter, and I think I imagined us as parents of girls,» admitted Dara. Eric couldn’t stop screaming with tears in his eyes: «It’s a boy.»

It was an incredible outburst of emotions. Everyone present was amazed by the reaction of parents: a sobbing father and a screaming mother, it was this picture that made their story viral. This momentous moment was not missed by photographer Neilie Ker-Fox. She has been organizing photo shoots for pregnant women and mothers with children for six years, she is often invited to attend childbirth. But as she said, «I have never seen such a reaction, although I have attended about a hundred births.

One day her son will see the pictures I took that day, and he will understand that his parents were very much waiting for his appearance and were glad to meet him, I am very grateful to Dara for allowing the world to see this moment. The newborn baby, who weighed 3 kilograms 600 grams, was named Liam Crouch.

But most of all, little Neyland was happy with the appearance of the boy, who said that there was finally a prince and a princess in the house. The Crouch family would have welcomed the birth of any child, but the appearance of a boy was a real surprise for them. That’s all friends. If you liked this story, then write comments and share it.

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