The man was horrified when he saw what the elephant did to the lion that attacked him

Often, we neglect the merits of both domestic and wild animals. Proud of their intelligence, people prefer to keep silent about cases when smaller brothers help them in a critical situation. But sometimes there are such resonant events, the role of animals in which it is quite difficult to overestimate. In our story, the main character had to make sure from his own experience that animals are characterized not only by innate instincts, but also by compassion. It happened in the vast African shrouds, which spread like a yellow blanket over the entire Southern part of this amazing continent.

And it all started with the fact that a European doctor working under the auspices of the UN appeared in one of the villages under the control of one of the tribes. The fact was that an outbreak of malaria was recorded in the village, and the doctor arrived to help the locals with medicines. When the doctor distributed humanitarian aid and told how to handle the drugs, he suddenly noticed an adult elephant standing on a leash. The animal was chained to a tree in a barbaric way, which caused deep ulcers to form on its leg. For some reason unknown to the doctor, the locals mistreated the elephant and, from time to time, beat him with a stick.

Especially, the tender ears of the animal, covered with scars and non-healing wounds, suffered. The man felt sorry for the elephant, by the look of which it was clear that he was suffering. The doctor tried to intercede for the unfortunate animal, but the tribal elder made it clear to the European that the elephant was his property. At the same time, the native clearly looked at the camera hanging around the doctor’s neck. The fact was that the doctor was seriously interested in photography and took an old Canon with him everywhere. Seeing that the elder was interested in this thing, the man offered him to exchange the camera for an elephant. The doctor understood that for the locals, the animal’s life is worth nothing, so he set out to save it.

The greedy native agreed immediately, taking a couple of trinkets from the European’s backpack to the pile, such as key chains and a can opener. When the elephant was released, the intelligent animal immediately approached the doctor and put his trunk on his shoulder. Since now, the doctor has a means of transportation, he decided to get to the mission by riding an elephant. Under the whistling and hooting of the locals, the man set off. The mission was about 5 miles away, part of which was on a savannah covered with thick grass. The doctor and his pet had walked about a third of the way when the elephant suddenly became agitated and, threateningly raising its trunk, began to shift from foot to foot.

Sitting on the animal’s back, the man looked more closely and saw three yellow flexible figures coming in from downwind. These were young lions who, taking advantage of numerical superiority, dared to attack them. To the elephant’s credit, he did not panic and met the danger face to face. In the heat of the fight, the lions inflicted several lacerations on the animal, which enraged them even more… But despite the pain and fear, the elephant did not flee and did not throw off the man sitting on his back. Fortunately, there was a detachment of rangers nearby, who performed the function of rangers in South Africa…

It was they who drove off the angry lions with shots from the bloody elephant, who intended to fight to the last. After talking to the doctor, the rangers pointed out to him the deep wounds on the elephant’s body and nodded their heads approvingly. And then, unwittingly, the European doctor began to cry… After all, if someone had told a man earlier that elephants behave so selflessly towards people, he would have laughed in the narrator’s face. It is difficult to say for sure whether the elephant directly protected human life or not?

Maybe he just had no other way out, or maybe it was just a coincidence. But the fact that the beast did not save itself in the face of formidable predators and did not abandon the doctor in a moment of mortal danger already speaks volumes, unwittingly testifying in favor of the elephant. Friends, if you liked this amazing story, please like it, write your comments and share this video with your friends.

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