Duck trying to teach Hide and Seek to its Ducklings, video goes viral

Social media is a platform where often we get to see many cute videos which bring smiles to our sad faces many times and we like to watch such videos again and again. Today we bring to you such a cute video of a duck who is teaching her kids the Hide & Seek game in the water. In this video, it is possible that the babies of Mother Duck come to their mother while swimming in the water and as soon as the ducklings reach their mother, then Mother Duck comes out from another place by taking a dip in the water. As soon as the mother duck comes out of the water, the ducklings swim quickly and go to her.

Mother Duck’s love for her children is clearly visible and after watching this video it seems as if Mother Duck is teaching her babies to play Hide and Seek. Mother Duck does this 3-to 4 times and comes out from somewhere else from the water and as soon as the children see their mother they swim to her. This video of Mother Duck and ducklings is becoming crazy viral on social media. This video has been shared on the ‘Viral Yt’ YouTube channel, which is being watched by social media users giving their different reactions.

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