Watch this duck smartness to save itself from Tigers, viral video

We get to see many viral videos of animals and birds on social media and today we have brought such a video of duck’s smartness for you which will make you watch it again and again. In this video shared on Instagram, it can be seen that when a duck is in water and after then. a tiger descends into the water to hunt it and tries to catch the duck to make it its prey. The duck tries to get out of the water to save its life but three tigers stand out from the water and try to catch it but Duck showed such smartness there that you will be surprised to see. As soon as all the tigers try to catch the duck, then the duck takes a dip in the water and disappears somewhere in the water. The Tigers stand there watching and try to find the duck but they do not succeed in doing so.

This video, which is going viral on social media, has been shared on Instagram on an account named Tiger_Iking, which has been seen by more than 2K users so far. Social media users are praising Duck’s smartness after watching this video.

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