Wild dogs trying hard to catch deer’s from the edge of the cliff

Social media is a platform where we get many videos to freshen our mood which brings a smile to our face and some videos are such astonishing in that we think while watching that we do not know what happened next in this video. Today we have brought with you one such shocking video in which 3 deer’s stood on the edge of a cliff to save their lives from wild dogs and after that something happened that you will be surprised to see.

It can be seen in this video that three deer are standing on the edge of a cliff to save their lives and wild dogs are trying their best to make them their prey. Some wild dogs are standing at the bottom of the cliff so that if any deer litter at the bottom, they can catch it and some deer are standing on the cliff trying to go towards the edge so that the deer can make their prey but the deer standing at one place patiently without any reaction. It can be seen at the end of the video that a wild dog approaches the deer, but due to the high height, they leave from there. This video has been shared on the ‘Latest Sightings’ YouTube channel, which has been viewed by 6.7 million people so far.

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