Duck and its ducklings trying to cross the road, watch what happens next in viral video

A cute video of a duck and its ducklings is becoming very viral on social media, in which they are trying to cross the road. On social media, we often get to see many cute videos of birds which bring a smile to our faces. In the video we have brought for you today, it can be seen that Duck and its Ducklings are trying to cross the road and as soon as they see the vehicle coming on the road, they immediately go back to the safe place. The drivers of all the vehicles that are running stop the vehicles and wait for them to cross the road.

After waiting for a few seconds, the ducks and ducklings easily cross the road and the traffic starts moving. This cute video of 16 seconds has been viewed more than 78K times so far and netizens are giving their different reactions after watching this cute video. One user wrote, «The happiness one can attain by treating animals with love and respect is well beyond imagination.» Whereas another user wrote «Front vehicle that stopped also flashes his headlights for vehicles on opposite side to stop as well, to let Ducks n her ducking cross over.»

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