This guy has lived WITHOUT a HEART for 555 Days!

Human abilities are truly limitless. We do not know to the end the capabilities of our body, our own strength. And sometimes you just have to open your mouth in surprise that what is happening to a person is not an invention of some fantasist at all! This incredible story happened to an American Stan Larkin from Michigan. A 25-year-old man suffered from cardiomyopathy. This is an insidious heart disease that affects not only the elderly, but also young people. The disease can develop even in a healthy and athletic person. That’s exactly what Stan was. The disease developed rapidly, the man’s condition worsened.

The young man’s heart could stop at any moment, so it was necessary to do something urgently. The doctors told Larkin that he needed a donor. Only a new heart could save a man. But the queue for the organ could require Stan to wait several years. The sick man simply did not have this time… Therefore, the doctors decided to connect Stan to an artificial heart. The SynCardia Freedom Portable Driver system is a kind of implant that is designed to replace a healthy organ. But in order to install an artificial heart, it was necessary… delete the present! This is exactly the kind of operation Stan was subjected to.

He received an implant, which was a special backpack with a system that replaces the heart. The device is used in cases when the patient’s left and right ventricles fail at the same time. After such an operation, patients need to recover in the hospital for a long time. It’s no joke, they live with an artificial heart! But a really unique story happened to Stan! The young man came to the hospital sick and exhausted, but after the operation he felt healthy again! He didn’t want to lie in bed or sit in a wheelchair. Almost immediately after the surgical intervention to install a heart implant, a man… gone home! Stan says that moving around with a six-kilogram machine was not so difficult.

Therefore, the guy did not just carry his artificial heart in a backpack, but even did sports. Before the operation, Stan was fond of basketball, after surgery, he sometimes allowed himself to play his favorite game. Of course, the man tried not to do anything that could put his life at risk. So, the doctors forbade Stan to lift weights, greatly overload the heart. Of course, after the operation, Larkin regularly underwent all the necessary examinations. And waited for a real heart. After all, the implant was supposed to replace a much-needed organ only for a while. In fact, the doctors were shocked by how well Stan felt with an artificial heart. According to them, the story with Larkin is really unique. The vast majority of patients after such an operation are constantly under the supervision of doctors.

And, of course, they have no thoughts of leaving the ball in the basket! Doctors say that no one has lived for so long without a real heart. In total, Stan spent as much as 555 days with the artificial apparatus! At the same time, he led a relatively active lifestyle, of course, within the limits set by doctors. Stan felt good, he didn’t use a wheelchair. The decision to install an artificial heart was quite risky, but it was worth it! As a result, the man waited for a new organ. They transplanted a healthy heart into him, disconnected him from his backpack. Stan feels great, wants to return to sports, normal life.

Now Larkin is gradually getting in good physical shape, playing basketball even more actively. A man has lived without a heart for more than a year and a half! But it wasn’t until Stan took off his backpack with the artificial organ that he realized how tired he was of carrying it around. Even without a heart, Stan continued to be active, did not feel sorry for himself, believed in the best. Perhaps it is in this behavior and attitude to life that the reason lies that the man was able to emerge victorious from this difficult situation. I have all my friends!

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