Wild dogs attacks on a Sambar Deer in water, see what happened next

A video is becoming crazy viral on social media in which some wild dogs attack a Sambar Deer in the water to hunt it. This video going viral has been shared on YouTube, in which it can be seen that Sambar Deer is drinking water in a pond when some wild dogs see it and jump into the water to hunt. As soon as Deer sees the dog, it tries to get out of the water to save its life, but the dogs manage to catch the deer in the water and attack fiercely to kill him. After killing the Deer in the water itself Dogs drag it out of the water and start eating the deer.

This video going viral has been shared on the YouTube channel ‘PramodSharma’ which has got 84,80,070 views so far. Netizens are giving different reactions after watching this video. One user wrote: «Never heard a deer scream like that before! Wow—that was something new for me! Terrible to see but I learned something different. Thanks for posting the footage! While another user wrote «Hearing that Samba deer scream like that is saddening but at the same time it would be just as sad if the dogs didn’t get that meal. They might have pups to feed too.»

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