3 years ago, a special woman became a mother. What Sarah’s daughter looks like today.

Here is a wonderful woman named Sarah. She is got used to do everything with her feet. And despite all the hardships she managed to admit a college and even become a mother.

And the chosen one, of course, ran away, leaving the girl with a one-year-old child «in his arms».Sarah, for sure, had a hard time: without arms, without support, and even the baby needs to be lifted somehow on her feet.

Today I want to introduce you to an amazing woman named Sarah. Sarah is used to doing all the work with her feet: cleaning, makeup, cooking. This Belgian, despite all the difficulties, managed to enter the institute and even became a mother.

In 2018, Sarah had a daughter who changed the life of the beauty.

Sarah does not like to remember her lover, who could not stand the difficulties and decided to withdraw from the life of a friend, leaving her alone with a one-year-old child.

«Bravo, dear,» write netizens.

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