Bride Moves Marine’s 4-Year-Old Son to Tears With Wedding Vows She Wrote Just for Him

4-Year-Old Boy Cries as Stepmom Reads Wedding Vows She Wrote for Him

Little Josh was the star at his father’s wedding. His father, a marine, has taught him good values. Everyone’s touched by little Josh’s reactions to the marriage. The best response would come when the couple ’s exchanged vows.

Out of the many ceremonies we attend as guests, one of my favorites would have to be weddings. Weddings are a celebration of commitment and love. You don’t get to see as many marriages now as you did before. Society is changing, and people tend to wait a little bit longer to tie the knot. When they are finally engaged, a whole new world takes control of their lives.

For the couple, it’s uncharted territory. There are so many things to prepare. Even if the couple starts working on it long before, they will always have the feeling that they needed more time. Some couples go and hire a wedding planner. They will take care of everything for you. They come in very handy when both you and the bride are very busy.

Some of these love stories happen far away from our beautiful country. They can meet in all sorts of places, even in the military. This couple met while serving in different branches of the military. The groom is serving in the Marines while the bride s serving in the US Air Force. They are what is called a ‘blended family.’ This is when either one or both have a child of their own.

In this case, Josh has a very handsome and intelligent little boy. Josh Jr. is very proud of his dad. He has always looked up to him. He has a tremendous role model to follow in so many ways. At times, blended families struggle but in this case, they are genuinely a storybook family. They all clicked since the first moment they met.

The wedding is prepared, and everything is ready to go. The groom looks sharp wearing his dress uniform while the bride has a beautiful wedding dress. Josh Junior is also decorated very nicely. Their ceremony starts, and everyone gets ready. One of the most critical parts of the tradition is when the bride and groom read each other their vows.

This is a unique expression of each other’s love. When Emily starts to write her vows, she knows Josh Jr. has to be included. They have always gotten along very well and have been inseparable ever since. It is now time for Emily to read them and she calls Josh Jr. to the stage as well. She takes out her vows and starts reading them to Josh Jr. first. After just the first few words, Josh Junior bursts into tears.

A Marine’s 4-year-old son burst into tears as he heard his new stepmom reading vows she wrote just for him. In the wedding video touching hearts across the nation, Gage Newville wraps his arms around his dad’s bride, Emily, and won’t let go. The boy’s father Joshua Newville spoke to Inside Edition about the remarkable scene.

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