If This Doesn’t Make You Smile, You’ve Missed A Good Opportunity

Ahh, to be young again! 🙂 In this video, adults see themselves as babies in their reflections, and an epic dance party ensues. If there’s one thing that connects us all across generations, it’s our youth because we were all young once. Older folks just have the benefit of a little more living, that’s all. Doesn’t make it better or worse, it just plain is!

So when one very clever company needed a way to connect generations in a way that folks of all ages can relate. What better way to set the scene than a day at the beach. Because the beach can come with so many happy memories. You’re probably even thinking of some now.

In the background, a familiar tune begins to play. We’ve all heard it. It takes a moment to recognize where it’s from. You can thank The Beach Boys for sharing their “Kokomo” melody and giving their blessing for the gentle memories.

With the scene and atmosphere set, our scraggly, handsome hero, a surfer, wakes up on the beach after being rescued by some very special little lifeguards. I would call them his guardian angels because it’s an apt description, wouldn’t you say?

The surfer does a double-take, and aside from the juxtaposition, he gets up and walks along the beach where he soon discovers more ‘youthful’ kindred spirits. It’s quite ordinary. It’s a scene from any day at the beach: some folks are sunning, some are catching up on their reading under the shade, some are swimming, there’s music, and it’s pure bliss. Can you feel it?

Then our surfer friends passe by someone who looks somewhat like his younger self. If you notice the necklaces they share, they are identical — I know that’s a strange thing, but our hero is indeed a stranger in a strange land shared by angelic companions, so anything is possible? It is a dream after all… or is it? Read on, friend…

Here comes the twist… As the video comes to its inevitable close and, no matter how much we may want it to go on (but rest assured, the replay button is your fingertips), our surfer friend walks up to a breezy, thatched “palapa” with promises of cool refreshment… and perhaps enlightenment if not an epiphany.

There our hero (and indeed, we) finally receive a sign and the message is clear: “Live Young.” This is a message worthy of sharing with the world because it needs a reminder:

We are all children at heart. What a beautiful message, isn’t it though? This might be just a clever commercial, but it’s a beautiful one with a healthy message that you don’t need to buy anything to take home with you to enjoy.

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