A curious deer comes out of the woods when talented harpist begins ‘The Sound of Silence’

Recently, artists have performed in front of live audiences on social media platforms. But unfortunately, their homes had become the stage or the venue for the performance. One such talented harp player and social media influencer, Naomi SV, recently had an uninvited guest on her online harp session.

The talented harpist was an expert in creativity and reaching her audience through her various online performances. The Canadian musician had performed many of her captivating covers in the woods.

The location had a splendid backdrop of leaves covering the ground and cobbled pathways. The birds adding their own melody to the magical harp sessions were the other beings that accompanied Naomi. However, her magical melody attracted someone from the woods.

Recently, Naomi began her session with the beautiful notes of a song by Simon and Garfunkel, “The Sound of Silence.” Unfortunately, she was unaware that she was joined by a magnificent creature during her online performance.

It was a moment precisely from a fairy tale. The doe was curious about the magical musical fairy and wanted to know more about Naomi. The little deer kept wagging her tail like crazy and started coming closer.

The way the doe reacted proved that she was at ease. There was no doubt that Naomi’s peaceful music was responsible for the innocent wild animal’s calm and relaxed state.

However, the calming effect did not last long. The doe suddenly darted out in the other direction. This was finally when Naomi became aware of the presence of another being, and all-of-a-sudden stopped playing the harp.

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