Humble Teenager Tugs at Heartstrings With Country Song on America’s Got Talent

It can be easy to take things like our eyesight for granted. Our five senses are things we use every day without putting too much thought into how lucky we are to have them. The Dodds family can’t say the same thing about themselves.

When Kenadi Dodds stepped onto the America’s Got Talent stage, she shared about how every single person in her family, besides her, struggled with an eye disorder. Over time, her parents and siblings have all lost their sight.

This didn’t stop her loving mom and dad from giving all they had to help Kenadi chase after her dreams. The shy teenager from Utah decided to play an original country song called “One Way Ticket to Tennessee.”

Her performance felt like a mix of Grace VanderWaal and a young Taylor Swift. There’s no denying that the judges immediately fell in love with her performance and were eager to send her to the next round.

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