Thanks to willpower and proper nutrition, she dropped more than 200 kilograms. The story of Amber Radi

It’s never too late to start taking care of your health and appearance. If you decide to transform yourself, be sure to do it! Americans like to eat fatty foods, and often consume it in large quantities. There are a huge number of establishments in the country that offer fast food that is dangerous for the body and harmful to the figure, many simply do not understand what a healthy diet is. The heroine of this story, Amber Rahdi, was no exception. The girl loved to eat very much, she did not limit herself to eating, she could get up in the middle of the night to eat a hamburger or French fries. No wonder Amber ended up just drowning in her own fat. At the age of 24, an American woman with an unrestrained diet weighed more than 300 kilograms!

She called herself a real monster, but she couldn’t stop eating. The girl’s life could hardly be called normal. Due to the excess weight, Amber had many health problems, and very simple things were given to her with great difficulty. The girl could not wash herself, she moved only on her electric car. She was helped by a guy who loved Amber despite her weight. The girl devoted all her free time to food. According to Amber herself, she arranged real meals several times a day, snacking on a huge amount of sweets. Such an obsession with food could not lead to anything good. One day the doctor told the girl that she just might not live to be 30 if she continued in the same spirit. But Amber wanted to live!

She made a firm decision to lose weight, even though she understood how hard it would be for her. Amber realized that she would not be able to cope with the task on her own. Obviously, she needed the help of specialists. Amber decided to become a participant in an American TV show for fat people who want to lose weight. The program changed the girl’s life, dividing it into before and after. Americans followed every step of the participants of the show who wanted to transform. Of course, this motivated Amber, but the biggest role in the transformation of the girl was played by the experts of the program. They made up a special weight loss program for the fat woman, which included a balanced diet, as well as surgery. To reduce the volume of the stomach, it was necessary to perform abdominal bypass surgery.

However, in order for the surgeon to complete the task, Amber had to lose weight. The girl understood that she simply had no choice. If she wants to be healthy, she needs to lose weight. Amber started cooking vegetables and lean chicken, drank a lot of water. She completely changed her diet, began to lead a healthy lifestyle, and went to the gym. This allowed us to achieve results and lose weight in order to be able to go under the surgeon’s knife. Amber was very worried before the procedure. Surgery is always a big risk, especially for overweight people. The girl was supported by her boyfriend, who was next to her beloved on her way to a beautiful and healthy body. Fortunately, the operation was successful. Thanks to the procedure and continued adherence to a strict diet, Amber lost a significant part of her fat.

The result was simply stunning! The girl could take care of herself, wash and move around on her own. But she decided not to stop there! Over the next 4 years, Amber got rid of 140 kilograms, which was almost half of her original weight! Now the girl continues to actively lose weight, she leads a healthy lifestyle, no longer suffers from depressive states. Amber is not going to stop there! She looks much younger and more beautiful, publishes pictures on Instagram for which you can’t say that she was once, to put it mildly, a crumpet. Eventually she dropped about 200 kilograms and her weight was 107 kilograms.

Interestingly, Amber’s boyfriend dumped her when she began to look much better. He seemed to like taking care of the girl and her weight only attracted him. But the changes that happened to her did not make the young man very happy. But Amber did not experience a breakup for a long time, a few months later she met a man who became her husband. The girl is completely happy, she is healthy, loved, pleased with herself. Don’t be afraid to change your life and strive for your goals. With the right desire and perseverance, you can achieve stunning results. That’s all friends

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