Woman gets dramatic facelift using just makeup

Dominique Sachse specializes in makeup for women over fifty. In her video, viewed over 6 million times, she gives specific tips and tricks to give older women a lifted look.

Dominique begins by saying that she loves to be au natural but also enjoys using the tools she has to create different looks and feel beautiful.

The makeup artist explains that many younger makeup trends can unintentionally draw features downward. She demonstrates this by showing the downturned example on the left side of her face (camera right) and the lifted example on the right.

She starts with the eyebrows, explaining that one should focus on turning the outer brow up and out rather than dragging it down. Regarding eye shadow, she shows that the “lighter on the lid” trend can cause the eye to look smaller. She chooses a plum tan color on her other eye, and just as she says, it immediately brightens up.

Sachse says the biggest mistake many women make is on the lower lash line. Often, we’ve seen women line the lower lash line with a darker liner and, in doing so, create a heavy drooped down look. Instead, she suggests using a lighter shadow on the lower lash line.

Her last trick is 0.2-millimeter magnetic outer wing lashes. She places them right on the outer corner to create an added lift to her eye. At the end of the video, the two sides look incredibly different as far as shape.

Dominique finishes with concealer, powder, and blush before she does her lips. She shows her contouring technique, emphasizing that she needs to stay just under her cheekbone, a bit higher than the other side.

This lady is truly a master of makeup and an inspiration for makeup lovers. Even women who don’t often do full-face makeup can take away a few tips and tricks from Dominque!

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