The network got new pictures of the grown-up quintuplets: they will already go to school

Bubsy quintuplets became worldwide famous thanks to the roalit show. People who visited anywhere in the world were delighted to follow the lives of girls after their birthday party. Even the fact that they have already turned six years old is incredible. Another fact that they had separate and different cakes in their birthday celebration according to their preference. The next day, the girls’ parents shared photos showing the children their school supplies.

It is supposed that this year we will attend school. The photograph also included their 10֊-year-old sister. True, she is not older, but she was able to support her sisters, a real salvation for her parents.

Along with the quintuplets in the photo was their 10-year-old sister. Perhaps she is not so adult, but she managed to become a support for her sisters, and real salvation for her parents.

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