‘I Love Lucy’ virtual apartment tour pulls you back in time

‘I Love Lucy’ is one of the greatest TV shows in American history. It was the most-watched show in the U.S. for four of its six seasons, running from 1951 through 1957.

The show featured Lucille Ball and her better half, Desi Arnaz. Their condo was the setting for some scenes in the show. Because of innovation, watchers can now see the loft through a virtual visit.

The Ricardos had two condos, and there is a simple method for differentiating. In their most memorable condo, there is no window in the living room, but in their subsequent loft, there is a major window on the back wall.

The living room has a table and two seats that would show up from time to time. They utilized these in the living room when visitors ate with them. The foot stool likewise had a clever element. It could lower or ascend to fit the necessities of the scene.

The primary condo had a kitchen the entertainers needed to step into. The explanation was that Desi needed a genuine kitchen on the set. The set planners would have needed to destroy the floor and placed in lines and power, which would too time-consume. So the arrangement was to make a six-inch step that the lines went under. The kitchen had an island, but the subsequent loft had a table all things considered.

The bedroom included twin beds that were recessed into the wall. The show needed to have twin beds because of the oversight during the 50s. The window is on the room in the principal condo, but the subsequent loft has an entryway there for the bathroom.

There is a smaller than normal copy of the set that the show was shot on at Universal Studios in Florida. There’s even an ‘I Love Lucy’ historical center in Jamestown, New York. Fans can’t get enough of this darling show, and this virtual visit gives an extraordinary look inside the home of the Ricardos.

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