Kids try snacks from the 80s, and their reactions are priceless

This entertaining video features kids trying snacks from the 80s. Many decades have passed since the huge hair and unhealthy snacks ruled the local roller rinks, and kids’ snacks have changed a lot.

The host asks one of the kids how old they’d be if they were born in the 80s, and one replies, ‘800 million and 5 years old!’ These kids definitely don’t know what they are in for because the 80s had some of the most sinfully delicious snacks imaginable.

The kids start with fudge-covered ‘Twinkies!’ One child exclaims, ‘Oooo, there’s cream inside!’ These tasty treats were a hit with all the kids in the video. Maybe you remember the original Twinkie and its famous yellow cake. Still, this version kicks it up a notch by covering it entirely in chocolate.

Next, the kids sample ‘Planters Cheez Balls.’ These snacks were the original cheez ball to grace the supermarket aisles in the 80s. Everyone’s fingers turn orange as they love this recognizable treat.

The kids are introduced to the ‘Triple Power Push Pop.’ This great lollipop allows you to pick one of three flavors by pushing the plastic slider upwards to reveal the candy of your choice. One child thinks it would be good dipped in ketchup, and the producers let her try it, and she loves it.

The next snack is a drink called ‘Original New York Seltzer.’ One kid says, ‘Too fizzy!’ and decides to shake the bottle up instead of drinking it. It sprays all over the desk and onto the child.

Lastly, the kids try ‘Melody Pops Whistle.’ This is the magic lollipop that allows you to play a melody. The host encourages the kids to play it, and they add special video effects and 80s ballad music. The sweet sounds don’t quite remind us of Bon Jovi, but they bring back memories of the fabulous 80s snacks!

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