Talkative toddler converses with dad like a grown-up

It is a general perception that babies are cute and adorable. They give innocent reactions to things and are least bothered by the stressful lives of adults. However, probably few of you know that babies can also sometimes talk like grown-up kids.

This statement was recently proved by a year-old girl named Eryn Fitzgerald. Although she was small and had not yet learned how to speak clearly, that didn’t stop her from conversing with her family members.

Recently, an incident was captured wherein Eryn was caught conversing with her father like any grown-up child. Although she spoke in her baby language, she was least bothered whether the listener was able to understand her or not.

Eryn started the conversation by referring to something with her fingers. Then, she folded her fingers one at a time as if she was counting something. Finally, she folded her hands in such a way as if she expected an answer from her dad.

He replied, “You’re kidding me,” to which Eryn continued her discussion in her baby language. Once, when she slowed her talking, her father intervened by asking, “Then what?” This made little Eryn continue with her speech.

She scratched her head for a while, and her father said, “Unbelievable.” Naturally, this excited the baby, and she continued babbling as if complaining about something to her father. However, the father was patient throughout the conversation.

When she was done with her little chit-chat with her dad, she sat down on the ground as if she was exhausted. Babies also have things to discuss with their parents. It is just the lack of ability to speak that prevents them from conversing clearly.

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