From outside, it’s a vintage caravan from 1979. But you’ll be surprised by what you find inside..

The Airstream caravan was very popular many years ago. They can be easily identified because of their aluminum design. In the past they were very common, but today you can hardly see them on the roads.

But if you are looking to visit one, and even live within one, then you are lucky.

Thanks to AirBnB, people from all over the world can visit New Orleans, Louisiana, and spend a few nights in a 1979 Airstream classic vintage caravan.

This Airstream from 1979 sits in a backyard in New Orleans, Louisiana. Resting under a huge sycamore tree, this trailer can be rented through AirBnB.

The exterior is a vintage airstream, but the interior has been replaced with something spectacular.

From the moment you step inside, you get a wooden blow to the face. This is a classic look, but it does not exaggerate too much. This design was planned to look like something from the past with modern touches.

The Airstream is perfect for a couple. It comes with a fully equipped kitchen and a bathtub. Moreover, there is air conditioning and heating so you can stay there regardless of the weather outside.

It is within walking distance of the tourist areas of New Orleans.

Because of the size of Airstreams, it is important to take advantage of every bit of space. We loved the storage space under the bed. It is very easy to store items there without grabbing too much space.

Look how the bedroom opens onto the balcony. You can enjoy the pleasant air when you lay inside on the bed.

The shower is luxurious. There is a bath that goes perfect with a glass of champagne.

Amazing, isn’t it? If you are planning a trip to the south of the United States, you must spend a few nights in an airstream caravan.

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