Moments After Birth Newborn Twins Astonish Everyone And Make Dad Run For The Camera

As any parents of twins will tell you, two newborn babies at one time is a lot of work. But although it may be double the work, it is also double the fun and sweet moments.

Like most babies making their grand entrance into the world, this pair of newborns made their debut known with a chorus of screams and wails. However, what shocked their parents and those other people in the delivery room is how quickly they were both calmed when placed next to each other.

Everyone in the room was in awe when the twin brothers were immediately calmed when their skin began to touch. Just like when they were in the womb, being near to each other provided an instant calming effect. The boys’ parents could only hope that it would always be this easy for them to soothe themselves.

The child experts with the National Health Services assure parents that it is safe to place twin newborns together in one bed. Often referred to as co-bedding, this practice actually works to regulate sleep patterns and internal body temperatures.

As a bonus, it is also an effective soothing measure for babies who have been co-bedding with their sibling for up to nine months prior to entering this world.

The rules of newborn sleeping still apply whether there is one or multiple babies in the bed. Infants should be placed in the bed on their backs with no extra bedding. If two babies are sleeping together, their heads should be placed facing one another.

And the best part of co-bedding sleep practices is that the parents have plenty of opportunities to gaze in wonder at their little sleeping beauties.

It would be a shame if you kept this beautiful moment to yourself. Everyone loves a brand new baby, so two babies together is even better. Be sure to let your friends and family know that they should check out this touching interaction and see for themselves two of the cutest babies in the world in action.

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