Cher Performs Powerful Cover Of Miley Cyrus’ “I Hope You Find It”

Worldwide pop music icon Cher took to The Today Show’s Toyota Concert Series to move fans with a stunning performance of her cover of “I Hope You Find It.” Fans gathered around the small stage as the pop artist showcased her emotional range.

“I Hope You Find It” was originally a 2010 track by pop artist Miley Cyrus featured in Cyrus’ film, The Last Song. Cher’s version of the track was seen as “the highest form of flattery,” as Cher would cover the track to show support for Cyrus.

Cher would go on to enjoy the Miley Cyrus original so much that she would include the emotional ballad on her twenty-fifth album, Closer to the Truth. Prominently a traditional country-pop affair, Cher would take the track to new heights.

Providing her unique style and flair to the emotional piece creates a vision of her own. These notions are proven in her emotionally touching performance during The Today Show.

Featuring powerful lyrics, “And I hope you find it/What you’re looking for.” The crowd embraced the Summer heat as they swayed from side-to-side showing immense excitement to feel the powerful performance firsthand.

Cher’s energy was like no other as she quickly commanded the Toyota Concert Series stage. Her talented backing band carried her voice to the heavens as she hit note-for-note easily.

Making memories for a lifetime, those in attendance will never forget Cher’s robust cover of “I Hope You Find It,” as it’ll live on within the confines of the internet for a lifetime.

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