Very brave 5-year-old becomes honorary firefighter for saving mom’s life

Little Salvatore Cicalese had never been taught how to dial 911 or who to call for help in an emergency, but his natural instincts saved his mom’s life one night.

Kaitlyn Cicalese suffered a seizure after turning on the faucet to take a shower. The noise drew five-year-old Salvatore’s attention. Thinking quickly, he grabbed his baby sister and headed next door.

Their neighbor, Jessica Penoyer, was shocked to see the little boy on her doorstep. Her concern turned to alarm when Salvatore proclaimed that his mom had died in the shower.

Calling 911, she informed the authorities about her neighbor’s predicament. The EMTs showed up in time to save Kaitlyn from drowning in her own bathtub. She didn’t remember anything after she had blacked out.

Salvatore’s quick thinking prevented an unthinkable tragedy. When most children would have freaked out seeing their mother in such a state, Salvatore stayed calm, protected his baby sister, and saved the day.

A few days later the local fire department’s truck rolled down their street once again. This time all of the firemen filed out to present Salvatore with an honorary fireman’s badge and hat.

Any mom would be lucky to have a hero for a son. Kaitlyn will forever be grateful to her little boy for saving her life. Maybe Salvatore has a future as a firefighter or first responder!

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