“Married and became a father”: what does the 2-year-old daughter of a man look like, whose height is only 110 centimeters

James Lasted from the UK, with a height of only 110 centimeters, has achieved a lot. At 33, he is a recognizable actor and TV presenter.

By the way, James was never shy about his small stature. On the contrary, he believed that this makes him special and distinguishes him from the crowd. This confidence helped Lasted to become a successful person. And when he met a girl named Chloe, he had no doubt that she would want to be with him. Such confidence attracted the attention of the beauty and they really had an affair.

By the way, they still remember their first date in 2014 with a smile. The fact is that Chloe’s height is 170 centimeters, and James is 110. Therefore, when they came to the restaurant, the waiter mistook them for a mother and son. The girl was given a menu, and the guy was given an album and pencils.

That evening, they both realized that they would part more. And after 2 years, the couple got married. Journalists wanted to be the first to get a photo of an unusual couple and also attended the celebration. Soon the whole world learned about the family of James and Chloe.

Two years later, Chloe delighted her husband with the news that she was pregnant. James was in seventh heaven! They immediately equipped the nursery waiting for the birth of the baby. And so, in 2019, the couple became the parents of a beautiful girl, Olivia. By the way, she was born completely healthy and fortunately did not inherit her father’s height.

Now the child is only 2 years old, but she will catch up with her dad very soon. But James doesn’t mind. He is happy!

What do you think of this lovely family?

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