Thanks to a smiling, sweet kitty, all the cats at the orphanage got a chance to be adopted

What do you need to get your picture to reach over a million likes and a third of a million retweets? Just smile at the right time! Well, as well as being a charming kitten to be taken to a charity photoshoot.

Baby Blossom impressed even a sophisticated Internet audience!

See? Kitty’s smiling at the camera!

Blossom, along with sisters Bubbles and Buttercup, went to an animal shelter in Albuquerque from the street. The first days of their lives were not easy, the guardian Lauren Butz remembers. She specializes in raising kittens and knows her ward well.

Now, Blossom and her relatives are five months old, and they’re safe, but there’s another problem: socialization. Kittens must be ready to move to new families, for which they were given a trial photoshoot. And then Blossom decided to prove herself!

A successful photo with a smiling kitten became instantly viral. And now the orphanage has a problem – everyone wants to take Blossom home. What to do?

Of course, it’s wrong to pay attention to this one kitten, but look at the pictures, isn’t she cute?

Also, thanks to the smiling kitten, her sisters, and other cats were given the chance to find a forever home!

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