After two bone marrow transplants, this young hero will make your day

Leah Carroll is just four years old but she’s already a star on the internet thanks to her incredibly bubbly personality and her positive outlook on life.

This cute little girl has been through so much in her life, but she never lost her optimism.

Namely, Leah suffered from Severe Congenital neutropenia, a condition that causes affected individuals to be prone to recurrent infections because of an abnormally low level (deficiency) of neutrophils, a type of white blood cell that plays a role in inflammation and in fighting infection. 

For Leah, this disease meant going through two major bone marrow transplant surgeries. As a result, she needed to spend many days at the hospital, but she eventually started feeling better and celebrated her triumph over the illness in the most adorable way possible, by belting out the lyrics to the song ‘Overcomer.’

The video of Leah singing melted millions of hearts. It was shared with the caption, “She’s an overcomer. Septic shock, two bone marrow transplants, graft vs. host disease and 325 days away from home in the hospital. God is so good to us through it all and Leah is proof of his mercy and grace! I do not own the rights to this song.”

Many felt the urge to send her good wishes, with one person writing, “She’s going to rule the world with such strenght and love!! Something we need so much today!!! Her song truly came to life for her!! So, so awesome!!!! May God bless you always, you precious little one!!!”

Her mother Lindsay explained that her daughter’s bone marrow transplants, which ended up saving her life, were possible because of a donor they found through the site Be the Match.

Now that Leah is on a way to a clean bill of health, the family has a teacher named Holly Robinson to thank to.

Speaking of the donor, Lindsay said, “She’s teacher by day and she’s in the Navy reserve so it’s cool for me to think that Leah has a little bit of that in her.”

The family wants to raise awareness of the importance of bone marrow donation. Isn’t it beautiful to be able to save someone’s life?

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