The couple purchased an old school bus and converted it into their ideal house on wheels. And the work was well worth it

Would you like to travel without leaving your house, change the view from your window, stay in your normal surroundings, and not worry about how much you can bring with you on the road?

All of this opulence is now available to a young couple from Los Angeles who opted to purchase a mobile home. Kristin Saldana and Kathy Mariscal live in a unique setting: the girls purchased an old school bus with the intention of converting it into their dream home. Spoiler alert: they succeeded!

The girls purchased a school bus with the intention of converting it into a nice mobile home.

Initially, the girls did not at all pursue the goal of traveling around the world in their mobile home. The fact is that renting a house in Los Angeles is far from a cheap pleasure. The monthly rent for the apartment was $4,500 while buying a school bus only cost them $7,500.

Kristin and Katie set to work repairing an old bus.

Kristin and Kathy are enthusiastic about decorating their new 28 square meter home. Of course, the girls needed the help of professionals to make the house livable.

The arrangement of their new home girls started from scratch.

Renovation of a mobile home has raised the cost of housing up to $ 50,000! But now the school bus looks like a real cozy apartment, which has a spacious living room, kitchen, bedroom, pantry, bathroom, and of course, electricity and water.

Once a school bus has gradually turned into a cozy mobile home.

Although the repair of the bus has significantly exceeded its original cost, the girls managed to save a significant amount of money, because the average price of houses in Los Angeles is half a million dollars!

The mobile home cost the girls $50,000, but it’s certainly worth the money.

Although the bus has been turned into a cozy apartment, it can still serve as a couple’s means of transportation. This allows girls to easily change their place of residence without even leaving home.

How nice to be able to choose what the view from your window will be like today!

The ability to travel was a great bonus to the main function of the old school bus. The couple has now moved to Texas, where they live in a mobile home park and pay only $800 a month for the land.

In their cozy, modern, and minimalist home, the girls live with their dog Lolita and are already planning various tourist routes. After all, now traveling has become much easier!

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