Mind blowing marching band routine involves trombones, extreme timing, and some close calls

It is always enjoyable to see an innovative marching band performance. The movements and formations that are created by a talented band have become a spectacle for audiences everywhere.

Liberty High School in Frisco, Texas, sent their marching band trombone section out to the field to perform a stunning routine. The trombone is a lengthy instrument that often gets bumped into when you’re in a crowd.

However, this crew of 15 to 20 trombonists knows how to wield their instruments. The drumline starts a beat that sounds furious. The trombones circle up, and you know immediately something is about to go down.

Wearing black and red uniforms and following the cheers from the crowd, the trombones begin to move in a pattern together. Every other trombone player drops down while the one next to them swings their trombone over the head of the lower band member.

They do this with quick repetitions while changing the timing of the ‘head chopper’ routine. The name ‘head chopper’ comes from the fact that one wrong move will lead to an instant trombone slide in the face. The precision is unbelievable!

The trombone players move from the circle into a straight line. The audience cheers wildly for them as they begin to dip and spin their trombones again. This time they are back to back while twirling in a complete 180 circle over their friend’s head.

The changes in timing and the complexity of the routine are mesmerizing. The whole time you watch, you wonder if someone will get hit. Somehow, the Liberty High School trombone section pulls off this incredible stunt perfectly, to the crowd’s delight.

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