16 years ago, a special forces soldier saved a 6-month-old baby, and recently she invited him to her graduation party

Now Alyona Tskayeva is 16 years old, she has already graduated from school and she has a high school prom. This holiday would not have existed in her life if a special forces officer had not rescued her 6-month-old during the take-over of a school in Beslan in 2004.

These pictures of Elbrus Gogichev holding a child flew around the world and became one of the symbols of the tragedy.

Although 16 years have passed, the man still has not recovered from that terrible event. But the other day he? after all? visited the Beslan school, because Alyona invited him to her graduation.

The girl talked to Gogichaev before the celebration, after which the man hurried away. Elbrus does not like to answer journalists’ questions, preferring to forget about that day.

This is not the first time Alyona and Elbrus have met since the tragedy. 10 years ago, the man was present at the school line on September 1.

The girl pleasantly calls him «Uncle Elbrus» and treats him with great respect and love, because thanks to him she has a whole life ahead of her!

It’s nice to know that there are such brave people in our world – true heroes!

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