Beloved server receives the best surprise party ever from the community

Colleen is a server at Red Robin in St. Louis, Missouri, with a heart of gold, so her family and friends surprised her with a party to show their endless appreciation for her.

They tricked Colleen into believing she was planning a community event for the restaurant, but the party was actually for her. Everyone was excited to do something nice for her.

According to Colleen’s friends and family, she is the type to give the shirt off her own back if someone else needs it. She has four kids and still finds time to help others.

Greg and Fran were a couple who went to Red Robin every day. Fran had cancer, and Colleen regularly visited her at the hospital. When Fran passed away, Colleen dedicated a day where they honored her.

Colleen also loves having Monday night dinner with her entire family. So they wanted to set it up in the restaurant, but they needed her to leave to do it. They asked her to run out to do some errands.

Not only did they fly in Colleen’s daughter from California, but they also invited her favorite band Griffin and the Gargoyles, to play at the event.

The final touch was asking some officers to pretend to question Colleen about counterfeit money. Colleen was over the moon when she entered the party and saw her daughter and the band.

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