After discovering his soft bed occupied by the spoiled kitten the Golden Retriever starts to struggle for bringing back his dog bed

It’s still unknown the reason of the “war” between dogs and cats. Why they can’t get along with each other still is a question?

So, just try to imagine the reaction of a dog finding his soft bed captured by the spoiled kitten.

Bailey is a gentle, kindhearted dog. Tough, he gets nervous, discovering his comfortable bed stolen by the tiny cat.

A minute ago, rushing to his soft bed, he, probably, draw the picture in his mind how comfortably he is laying on his relaxing spot.

But his innocent plans vanished after realizing that his bed is already occupied.

After some anxious movements, he saw that the little invader has no intention to leave her position.

The Golden Retriever continued his struggle, barking loudly and moving around his bed.

The tiny kitten seemed unshakable.

Bailey tries even to bite the edge of his bed pulling it, but even this method seemed to give no result, as nothing troubled the little cat who comfortably sit on the soft dog bed without any fear.

Eventually, tired of the fruitless struggle, the gentle dog seemed to give up.

He lay down on the edge of his bed without paying attention to the spoiled and stubborn kitten.

Then the kitten changed her position, sharing the bed with her kind companion.

The “war” ended with a peaceful share of the soft dog bed into two adorable friends.

Watch, please, this funny footage, below!

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