The beggar gave the last 50 rubles to a passerby girl. He later admitted it was his best investment.

Our life consists of simple actions, and small steps can achieve a big goal. Today I’m going to tell an amazing story about a homeless man. The homeless man’s name was Jack Richardson. A terrible event happened to him, after which everything turned upside down, and he lost everything in an instant in an instant. Not so long ago, he was an ordinary person, and now he had to beg with an outstretched hand. He became a wandering beggar, of which there were many in Bristol. Jack begged for money from passersby and slept in parks on the outskirts of the city. The desperate man just didn’t know what to do. He didn’t want to live anymore. But one ordinary evening, an amazing incident occurred, after which Jack’s life will never be the same.

On that fateful day, a man sat on the side of a crowded street and asked for money. Some threw him coins. Some hurried about their business without looking back. A girl was passing by a beggar. Help me, please! He asked her in his usual manner. The girl, Tony Osborne, reacted very strangely to his request. She didn’t approach him, but she didn’t continue walking either. The girl stopped, and tears poured out of her eyes. She said she was going to stand next to this man and beg. She didn’t have anyone close to her. Her only friend moved to another city, and now she had a lot of debts, and the electricity was turned off in the apartment for non-payment. «I don’t have anyone at all, Toni cried inconsolably. Nobody needs me. Jack’s heart was bursting with pain. He couldn’t bear her tears. It was too much, even for me, he later said. I decided to help her. I wanted her to stop crying.

Wait for you,» Jack called and took something out of his pocket. Take this. He handed her a handful of coins. It’s not much, but at least it’s all I have. Jack gave the girl about 70 cents, which is about 50 rubles. He thought that the stranger would calm down and go her own way, but she burst into tears even more. Her soul was filled with gratitude to the beggar. The girl began to visit him to chat about this and that, and over time they became good friends. Heart-to-heart conversations have now become very important for each of them. Not a day went by that Jack and Tony didn’t exchange a few words. When Jack happily shared the good news with his new friend. He got a job selling street magazines. There was no limit to the beggar’s joy. Toni was also happy for her friend.

A year passed, Jack stopped begging for money from passers-by, because he continued to receive a salary for selling magazines. But something unexpected happened to the man. The underground parking lot where he spent nights for several years has closed. Now the poor man had nowhere to sleep. Jack had to find a new place to stay for the night. He was thinking about moving to another city. The man told Tony about his problems. She paused for a moment and answered. You can spend the night in my apartment. The girl felt that a kind heart was hiding behind the appearance of this ragamuffin and now she was very attached to Jack. Jack was deeply grateful for her kindness, he fixed a broken closet door and helped Tony around the house, where she had long needed male help. He repaired a chair leg, fixed a kitchen faucet that was constantly dripping, and attached a wooden shelf to the wall. A few days passed quickly.

Jack and Tony were busy doing housework together, joking, watching TV and reading books together. Toni herself was surprised at how well she got along with Jack. It seemed to me that he had always lived in this apartment. Then the girl made an incredible decision. She told Jack that he could live with her as long as he wanted. So a man and a woman began to live together. In three months, their friendship has grown into a deeper mutual feeling. It seemed that Jack and Tony were made for each other. A year after moving in, Jack made a serious decision. He was ready to take the next big step that would change his life even more. Jack invited Tony to the very place where they first met. He took a small ring out of his pocket and proposed to the girl. Toni was so happy. Of course, she started crying again and whispered the cherished «yes». It was an incredible sight.

The bride and groom were not rich and decided not to arrange a magnificent celebration. They were just planning to get married without any ceremony. But it seemed that fate itself was on their side. People who were regular customers of his magazines found out that Jack was going to get married. They were amazed by the news, and at the same time they were happy to see that a homeless man who had been begging on the street for years had created a family. Residents of the city posted an unusual story of a homeless man on social networks. It quickly gained a lot of views, and users decided to organize a wedding for Jack and started collecting money.

All residents of the area were ready to help. Thanks to kind people, a young couple bought wedding dresses and arranged a beautiful celebration. At one time, Tony and Jack offered each other support, and they did not leave each other in trouble, for this fate thanked them. And Jack honestly admitted that these 70 cents are the best investment in his life. That’s it for today. Share this amazing story with your friends and family, write comments and put likes. See you soon!

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