A Stunning Emotional Song Kelly Clarkson Performs On Idol Breaks Keith Urban’s Heart

Kelly Clarkson is known for her ability to bring a level of emotion and genuine passion to a song that not many singers can match. Her incredible musical talent is matched equally by her grace and elegance on stage.

She has a truly empowering presence when she takes the microphone. Her ability to use the power of her voice to bring a crowd to their feet is simply an amazing thing to watch.

Kelly made her debut as the winner of American Idol’s singing competition years ago. She returned for the show’s very last season to stand center stage and sing one of her own songs. From the moment she stepped onto the stage, pregnancy and all, she immediately captured the entire audience.

A type of electricity spread over the crowd as they waited with cheerful hopes to hear her renowned voice.

Keith Urban, judging the singing competition, couldn’t hold back the tears as Kelly performed her emotional song. The emotions he was feeling were clear from his expression and absolute enthrallment with her song. Her song, ‘Piece by Piece,’ was written by Kelly and based on her own personal experience, Keith told Entertainment Tonight.

She co-wrote the song with Greg Kurstin. It was all too clear that the song wasn’t just simply based on her experiences, it was extremely personal and filled with raw emotion for Kelly.

Just minutes into her performance, Kelly did something that took both the judges and the audience by surprise. She became overwhelmed with emotion and fought back tears while singing the incredibly powerful lyrics.

For a brief moment, she struggled to continue on with the song, showing incredible genuine emotion that is so rarely seen in on-stage performances from music superstars like Kelly Clarkson.

Aside from her incredible talent, Kelly is also known for the incredible and near-immediate bond she forms with audiences who hear her sing live. The power and passion she puts into every performance resonate very deeply with her fans.

When she had to pause because she became overwhelmed during her performance, the audience was right there to get up on their feet and cheer for her.
The audience began to chant, “Kelly! Kelly! Kelly!” in a united effort to encourage her to keep singing. She finished the song with roaring applause from the audience and a moving thank you from Keith Urban and the other judges.

Isn’t it incredible when you see a performer or artist and know they are doing exactly what they are meant to do? Have you ever been so moved by an artist’s performance that it brought you to tears? Let us know your story of how you’ve been moved by a performance or particular artist.

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