When I opened the door to my son in the early summer morning, I thought that I had not yet woken up and I could see…

My name is Oksana. I am forty years old. I live in a village, fifty kilometers from the district center. I used to have a full family, but a few years ago I was widowed. My son, Yuri, was then only ten years old. I had to raise him myself. I did everything to make my son grow up good and decent, and that’s what it led to. After the ninth grade, Yura entered the construction college in the district center.

He now lived there, came home only on weekends, and not for everyone. My boy studied well, but in his personal life, as it turned out, he did some things… After graduating from the second year, his son, as usual, had to come home to the village on vacation, but something was delayed. Yura arrived suddenly, two weeks after graduation and not alone.

When I opened the door to my son in the early summer morning, I thought that I had not yet woken up and I could see. In Yurka’s hands was an envelope with a newborn baby. – Meet, mom, it’s Veronica! – In the sense of? Whose child is it, son?

  • My… Sorry, mom, I couldn’t leave her in the hospital… I thought it was a dream and I’m still asleep. I closed my eyes, shook my head several times, and pinched myself just in case. Opening my eyes, I saw the same thing: the son gently held his daughter in his arms and kissed her tiny nose. – Yura, can you tell me what happened and where did you get this girl? – I’ll tell you, of course… The son began his story. Immediately after entering the technical school, he met Alina. She studied in another group and liked Yuri. Alina immediately seemed to her son something special, she did not have fashionable clothes and bright makeup, like other girls. Soon Yura learned that this girl was from an orphanage. After a while, they began to meet.

And then the son went on summer vacation… When Yura returned in September, he learned that his girlfriend was in despair, she was scared that he left her. And here, as a proof of true love, Yuri and Alina began a real adult relationship, which soon turned into expecting a baby.

Yura was afraid to admit to me that he was going to get married. He and Alina decided to wait until they were eighteen to get married. The child was supposed to get dressed in early June, just before the holidays. But the unforeseen happened: Alina Gerasymc

huk during the birth of a child… It turned out that it was contraindicated for her to be born. Yuri had to do the impossible to pick up his daughter. He literally spent the night under the windows of the hospital and made sure that the baby was not sent to the baby’s house, but given to him. The manager took care of the unfortunate boy and helped to register the child for him.

After learning about this sad story, I had no choice but to adopt my granddaughter. Yura transferred to correspondence and started working in our village on a farm. He loves and cares for his daughter very much. It seems to me that he sees in her the features of a beloved girl…

Here is such a decent son I grew up. I am still young, I help him in everything and I hope that he will meet his destiny, a good girl who will love him and his daughter.

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